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Extruder issue or filament issue ?

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  • Extruder issue or filament issue ?

    I just bought a spool of no-name PLA and for some reason the printer does not like it... it will not extrude, its just like the extruder gear is not turning. When I load it, it extrudes fine into the waste box and. My other spools print fine.

    My printer: Da Vinci 1.0a, stock fw, xyz sw

    any good ideas ?

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    The Da Vinci 1.0a uses XYZ printer cartridges. There is a small chip that sits in the cartridge that keeps track of how much is used and the printer communicates with this. Each new spool of xyz filament comes with a new chip. So in effect your printer has a full spool of filament but the printer probably sees the spool in another state. Your one stop, 3D printing shop


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      may be try putting the filament into another cartridge, even though it says empty you can still get about 10 more feet out of it. Or may be the generic filament is just bad filament


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