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Rat's nest from firt da Vinci Jr 1.0 print job

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    Rat's nest from firt da Vinci Jr 1.0 print job

    Tried to print from my brand new da Vinci Jr 1.0, and got the output shown in the attached photo.

    I'm advised that the things I should be looking at are:
    * bed levelling
    * nozzle height adjustment
    * calibration (I'm assuming that is the same as the above, but I'm a newbie)
    * different print surface
    * printing the first layer slower

    The print surface is the supplied bedding tape. I can't find out how to do the other things.

    Help, please!

    That looks like you are printing way above the print bed, there is no adherence so the nozzle is just extruding plastic out and pulling the trail of previously extruded plastic with it. You need to calibrate the printer first and you should not press print and simply walk away. check that at least the first layer is working before you think of making that cup of tea.

    the things to do when setting up your Da Vinci Junior are:

    1. make sure you remove all packaging
    2. make sure you have updated the software and firmware

    3. X - axis calibration - XYZ printing have provided a video in their own inimitable style.

    4. Nozzle height adjustment is possible with the Z-offset function which is under "Utilities". before you start messing with this value take a note of the current settings as they should have been factory calibrated. for the procedure, if you don't have one that is, you can get the Manual from our Da Vinci Junior Product listings page. Generally speaking you want a paper's thickness, although XYZ suggest 2 sheets of paper thickness, between the nozzle and the bed. Your one stop, 3D printing shop


      You may also be dealing with a bed-sticking problem. Any printer will produce results like that if the first layer does not adhere. Back before I took my da-vinci out and old-yellered it I'd have that problem off and on until I got a very solid bed configuration routine down. Of course this also messed up the calibration constantly, and da-vincis are a real #&@%@-show in the callibration department.


        Turned out a simple application of UHU glue stick to the bed tape was what was required.


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