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da vinci jr stopping midway into print

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    da vinci jr stopping midway into print

    I've had my da Vinci jr 1.0 for just over a week now and i have some issues the first being the filament motor is clicking for the first few layers but I can live with that but for the last 2 prints and one time a while ago the printer has stopped mid print the first time it just happened but the last 2 times its been when i do something on the menu whilst printing

    I know you said it stopped once when you weren't doing anything to it, but how about now? If you print and just leave it without going through the menu, will your prints finish?


      Have you checked the wiring hasn't wore or split?

      Could be getting a short which is stopping the print.

      Just a suggestion!


        Causes of grinding in primary layers

        Extruder gear grinding for the first few layers can have a few causes.
        The common factor in all of them is that the extruder is trying to force molten filament into an area where there is no space for the filament.
        The most common cause is the bed gap (the gap between bed and extruder) is too small - which means the filament is being pushed into the bed.
        Second cause can be too high a feed rate. The feeder is pushing filament faster than the extruder can melt and extrude it.
        Third cause is too low an extruder temp. The extruder can't melt the filament fast enough to accommodate incoming filament from the feeder.
        The fact that it stops points towards a bed gap issue - it's easier to push filament into melted filament than into the hard unyielding surface of the print bed.
        You may also notice that the first few layers show signs of squishing and are more flattened than successive layers.
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          Davinci stops printing could be USB issue

          I've seen similar behavior on my 1.0a running S3D - if I'm connected via the S3D control panel, and shut down my PC, the printer stops mid-print.
          Fix is to disconnect (either via the S3D control panel or by simply unplugging the USB cable once printing is underway) and it keeps printing.
          Also noticed similar issues using a USB hub so it may be you just have a bad USB cable or USB port in your pc.
          Worse case scenario is that the USB port on your printer is flaky.
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