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Da Vinci 1.0 3D Printer Reviews

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  • Mr_Rob
    I just purchased the da Vinci 1.0 All In One.

    I tracked this on kickstarter and was compelled to invest in order to obtain thier three in one (scanner, laser cutter, CNC) but I'm glad I waited.
    The machine is not well constructed for CNC, and the capability of the laser cutter is not what I wanted. So I purchased the AiO via Walmart Online.

    Here's a tip: Walmart had a sale and I got it for $639. I saved over $100 and it was free delivery. I used that $100 to buy a 4 year product protection plan so I can have it replaced when and if the need arises. Once the plan expires, I anticipate being able to change out components myself. I am an electronic engineer so no biggy.

    I know XYZprinting is a new company. So I expect teething issues. The documentation, unpacking instructions, and software were all out of date compared with the unit I unpacked. So far I have updated software and manuals twice in three days. But so far, for the better. I actively try to debug and report issues to them, and they seem to solve what they can with the new software drops.

    My first print was straight from the LCD menu on the printer, the lion sample. Printed just over 2 hours and the print quality was awesome using the supplied filament. Very happy with that. I have spent several hours playing with the settings for the built in scanner. I also purchased the handheld scanner.

    First scan was terrible. I selected a dark object made of metal and ofcourse uncalibrated. So no surprises. I got a software update following an unhandled exception, and used a more appropriate object to scan. Calibrated (again) and presto - success!. Very good result of a fairly complex object.

    Since then I have improved by adjusting the light setting and identifying features that might present a problem in the scan. I really like the new multi-scan capability, but for smooth objects, it can be quite challenging to select matching points. The erase tool doesnt seem to work. So I clean the model up in another tool. Note that if you view the model in Slic3r, XYZscan, Blender, Sketchup or Spin3D, errors may not be apparent in every model viewer. Correcting and exporting a corrected model can be hit and miss also. Be sure to avoid sharp edges, and use plenty of polygons. Parts that appear black will not be printed in the final. So make sure you edit the model carefully. Whether you are scanning, editing an existing model or creating from scratch, there is an appreciable clean up time to optimise for printing.

    I read that some folks have decided to use other software to slice and print. I have also looked into these. But I am persisting with XYZprinting for now. They are constantly improving the software, so I envisage some maturity in the coming year. Perhaps I am more patient than others, but I understand the challenges of launching a new company and trying to stay on top of bugs etc. This is a low end product for the masses afterall. I expect it to improve over time. Glad to see work arounds on line though (on this forum). Encourages me that innovators are adapting accordingly. Hopefully the OEM adopts some of this goodness (like for the Pro). I must say that this is quite a finicky technology, really still best for the maker community. I didnt expect the product to be perfect by any means. It really has incredible potential. Perhaps if they reduced the number of product variations and just concentrated on improving the one product configuration they would be a little further along, but they are trying to hit the consumer market as best they can.

    I will be posting more on the scanning techniques on this forum. I am spending considerable time perfecting this.

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  • Admin
    started a topic Da Vinci 1.0 3D Printer Reviews

    Da Vinci 1.0 3D Printer Reviews

    Here is a sticky thread for Da Vinci 1.0 reviews. Only Da Vinci 1.0 reviews may be posted here. Will make this first post a little nicer with some basic info about the Da Vinci ASAP.