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XYZware .stl to .3w print issue

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    XYZware .stl to .3w print issue

    Hi All,

    I was hoping you would be able to assist me with the following issue I am having with the XYZware software.

    When trying to export a design of a washer I want to print, I export the .stl file into a .3w file and the software covers the central hole.

    I have tried this several times which most of the settings changed and still getting this issue.

    Any comments or suggestions will be gratefully received.

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    Did you use 2 extrudes to make the washer or a single? I would try a single extrude, if that does not work try to extrude the disc then use the hole feature to cut out the middle.

    What I think happened is when you designed the washer you extruded the disc, the extruded a sec smaller disc but made it remove material instead of add. I have been told sometimes machining software, including slicers, can view holes vs removed material differently. This could cause an error.

    If you have already tried these, then I am stumped.


      Thank you, I will try this today and see how it goes.

      I think I am going to have to re-design a number of my designs as when exporting them they are either missing areas.


        It could be that the exported STL is not "watertight" and the XYZ software is doing its best to repair the defect. What software are you using to design your parts?


          Originally posted by AndrewBougie View Post
          What software are you using to design your parts?
          AutoCAD and Google SketchUp.

          I have since ran the design through Slic3r and notice there are A LOT of holes and areas missing.

          Working my way thought my designs now to re-vamp them to make sure they slice properly.

          Many thanks for your assistance.



            Glad you found the cause of your issues. Let us know if anything else comes up.


              Sketchup is not a very good tool for producing printable models. Yes it's easy to use, but be careful with vertices, closed faces, sharp edges, grouping, and always check your exports with another tool. I use Blender and Slic3r.