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Am I the only one here who bought a pro?

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    Am I the only one here who bought a pro?

    I haven't seen any posts for the davinci 1.0 pro, other than mine.
    I pre ordered it for the deal.

    I am totally new to 3D printing. I thought I did my homework. I thought I waited long enough for the bugs to be worked out. This is as fast a evolving technology as drones. Yes I have a drone too. A DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus. I love it.
    I had quite a learning curve. But now I am happily printing away.

    One of my first projects was a rear spool hangar for my printer. It takes cartridges and I wanted to use spools. I bought some PLA and ABS spools on Ebay. Then I discovered tinkercad. OMG it is great! I modified the spool hangar so it would take the 1 kilo spools.
    I started printing with ABS and got pretty frustrated pretty quick. I switched over to PLA and got better results. I discovered 3d eez print bed film. I had bed adhesion issues right away with both ABS and PLA.

    Now I can go back and forth between ABS and PLA with no problems. I get strings on the PLA prints, but I clean them up after. And now I know how and when to use rafts and brims.

    Here's where I am at now:
    extruder at 225 and the bed at 90 with tape over the 3d eez bed film, and glue stick on top of the tape

    extruder at 185 and the bed at 80 printing onto the 3d eez

    There are settings in the printer for extruder and the bed. There are also settings in the software when it's time to print. I'm not sure which one has priority. It seems kind of redundant - I don't get it.

    Anyone else here with a pro with more experience than me? I'd love to hear from you and compare horror stories.

    I guess so