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How do I reset the bed's home position?

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    How do I reset the bed's home position?

    The bed has lost its home position. When I go to start a print, the hot end is way above the bed. This is from a test file on the Da Vinci's SD card, so it's not using any incorrect Z Offset in Slic3r. How do I get this thing back in order?


    Never mind. I figured it out.


      What setting did you end up adjusting?


        Honestly... It's all a blur. I was tired after spending way too much time on it. What I remember is at some point turning off the auto leveling setting in Repetier. I don't even know what that does, but I wanted to make sure it wasn't interfering. I also repeatedly leveled the bed by using both the built in manual level (using paper) and the normal three point paper leveling that everyone uses. I remember at some point, while watching it fill in the first layer (it as actually dragging the plastic around, tearing it up as fast as it laid it down), I started adjusting the front leveling screw to pull the bed down while I watched it fill in. When I saw that it was actually laying it down properly and not destroying it, I knew I was in the right area. I think at that point I did a few more levels with the sheet of paper and I was in business again. It was nuts.

        I'm left now with a couple of small issues. I think both are pretty common. Look at the attached image. I've got what looks like bridges hanging where they didn't bond, and the top looks like a Dairy Queen ice cream cone. I think the top could be avoided by having a second object printing near so the print head can move away and let the plastic cool. I think you might have been the one who suggested that to me before. I think there is some GCode that also will draw the print head away for an amount of time to accomplish the same thing. Also, the base of the model has a few places that didn't fill in, but I wonder if raising the extrusion multiplier would help?

        FYI- This was printed at .20 with a 15% infill and 2 shells.

        Click image for larger version

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          That print looks good!

          Typically, a slicer will have an option to slow down for bridges. That could be something to play around with. Slowing down allows the filament to stretch instead of bread and fall down. The funny thing is, you have a much more drastic bridge on the bottom side of that portion of the print and it looks great. The issue might be partially due to how thin that edge is.

          You are correct about the top portion. A second object or a "move over and wait" setting would fix this.

          Be careful raising the extrusion modifier. The rest of your print looks great. Tweaking that might mess up your other progress.


            Thanks, man! Your encouragement is appreciated.