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Da Vinci 1.0 Problem with One Area of the Bed

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    Da Vinci 1.0 Problem with One Area of the Bed

    See the attached image. For some reason when my carriage hits the general area marked in red, the carriage sort of has a seizure, and jumps around. That, of course, screws up the print. It seems if I print the model in the green area, it's just fine (or as fine as this stupid Da Vinci is ever going to be, but I digress...)

    Any ideas? I've aligned the belts. I replaced a broken bearing mount. Oh... and it also randomly hits the center back wall when trying to go back to the home position and just hammers it. I have to power it off, move the carriage, then send it back home again.
    What gives?? Grrrr...


    -CraigClick image for larger version

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    If you manually move the carriage in that area, is there any binding? If so, what is binding the printhead axis or the bed?


      I think it's the wiring harness issue a lot of people have. I snipped the zip tie near the plug and the skips have been less frequent.


        I would still try to manually move it to see if there is binding. And I would track down where it is binding.