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  • very rare success

    im new to 3d printing, im in the process of building an eventorbot clone but thats another story, sort of, anyway work bought me an xyz davinci 1.0 aio, the scanner is very hit and miss, but the printing is even worse, the best ive had is this.

    and the usual looks like this

    not sure what im doing different if anything, im using cheap supermarket bought pva glue sticks to hold stuff down which is another hit and miss problem, sometimes its excellent other times its the opposite, ive set the bed up with the paper method, it seems to print evenly and nicely, i dont really want to get into the whole flashing thing if im going to need to learn another set of programs, what else can i do?

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    Hunterjwizard was able to fix some of the printing reliability issues with his by using Simplify3D instead of the Da Vinci software. He later ran into hardware reliability issues though.

    Check out these threads.


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      may have cracked it, there's a few things I've done that may help others (mainly other peoples ideas but they seem to be working ) ill check back tomorrow and let you all know.


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        When the Da Vinci works the print quality is just fine, good even. On mine I found that a combination of blue painters tape and glue stick worked best. I used a big purple Elmer's brand made for children, since the purple kept me from missing a spot.; I did experience a lot of edge-curling but that's as much my fault as anyone else's.

        What I DID have severe problems with were leveling and hardware failures. About 2 out of every 3 cartridges jammed on me afer about 5 feet of filament. That's not counting all the ones that just had defective microchips. The extruder went bad, the thermocouple went bad, the feed sensor went bad, and the whole design is just generally "bad". I don't know if da vincis are just flawed or if I got a defective one, but in general their product is CRAP.

        If you are within the return window, send yours back and put the refund towards a real 3D printer. Printrbot Simple is close in the price range while I personally settled on the Wanhao Duplicator 4S. A few hundred USD more but the design looks rock-solid.


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          it seems to be working really well at the moment, i wont hold my breath, but heres what it printed out yesterday.

          the key seems to be bed leveling, dont bother with the software its crap, print off a leveller and use a guage to do it, use a better quality fillament, the one supplied is crap, use abs/acetone to glue stuff to the bed, im not using painters tape or glue stick and things are coming out great, all i do is mix it in a spray bottle and give the glass a quick spray and away we go.


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            been printing all day and touch wood ive not had any issues other than mistakes ive made not the machine, if it stays this way ill be very happy with the printer, but ill wait and see, im now printing multiple items without worrying that they will have been dragged all over the place, it also seems that if your printing lots of complex shapes in a group that the shrinkage and lifting issues id had have gone too, not sure if its the ammount of plastic being layed before the next layer giving time for it to solidify better or the abs/acetone wash ill try a couple of smaller bits and see what happens but if things keep going like this i should have my eventorbot clone built pretty damn soon, cant wait to play with that one, should be a lot better than this for resolution.


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              You mention using better quality filament, how are you getting around Da Vinci's proprietary filament requirements?


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                Also, you mentioned putting aetone/ABS ("ABS Juice"(TM)) in a spray bottle. Accusations of witchcraft aside, where did you find a sprayer that didn't melt?


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                  I'm using fw 1.1.5 and using the Arduino sketch posted here


                  It seems to change the cartridge Id (+1) so it also now thinks there's 240m of filament, I'm also using a pp or pehd can't remember which spray bottle, it's made of the same stuff as the acetone bottle, the sketch I posted a link for also changes bed temp and extruded temp apparently but I've not mucked about with those yet, I will have to because the filament is coming out a bit rough so it needs more heat.ill post updates of how it goes.


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                    The bottle came from a garden centre and it's for weed killer I think, it's never had weed killer in it though, don't be mixing chemicals kids!


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                      Ah, I see. Yes, I've read about those. For me it made more sense to move to a less restricted printer, but if you've got the desire to tinker with it you can keep it going. Everything is fixable.


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                        178 hours in and im still printing with a good degree of success, even to the point of printing the parts to build a 3d printer to use at home with the kids, other bits and pieces have come together nicely too, im still using the spray bottle with abs juice although it does clog the nozzle every now and again, easy enough to sort by opening it up to a stream and spraying it a couple of times, im thinking of making like a bingo marker with the abs juicer in so its easier to apply and doesnt go where ever it likes. im still using cheapo abs and having good luck with that too, just resetting the chip every time i need to change it, so all in im quite happy with the printer, it does have a niggle still that it cant quite do round, it does a very good oval though! any ideas how to fix that? its between all three axis ie a circle in any two axis will be oval.


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                          Good to hear success with the with da Vinci tweaks!

                          I have been going through successive software updates to overcome numerous bugs. But so far my printing and scanning quality has been good.


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