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Mid Print Cancelation

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    Mid Print Cancelation

    I have been having issues with the printer stopping the print after 15 to 20 layers have been printed. The printer displays no errors or reasons for it to cancel. I had retried the print several times and each time the same problem. I then tried to print a different part to determine if it was just unable to print that specific part, but again the same problem.

    I noticed that the display briefly said "initializing please wait" just before the head returned home and the printer stopped.

    I found the issue to have something to do with printing supports from the second extruder. It will complete all prints that do not have supports or that supports are printed with the same extruder as the object.

    I am new to the world of 3D printing. I am not sure how to set the printer to print primarily from the second extruder rather than the first one. How can that be done?

    I did however run the Demo print which does use both extruders and it completed the print without any issues. Therefor I do not believe there are any problems with the extruder itself.

    Why would supports from the second extruder be causing this cancelation?

    I want to say that for two extruders you need two .stl files to let the printer know what head to use on what. I suppose if the slicer makes the support it'd be done for you.

    Check to make sure your processor isn't over heating


      Originally posted by ARKtest View Post
      I want to say that for two extruders you need two .stl files to let the printer know what head to use on what.
      Not true.


      I have/had the exact same problem. Update your XYZWare to the latest version and check the location of the model on your print bed. For me it was a combination of factors, new software fixed it initially, then moving the mesh to the back seemed to do the job permanently.


        A week later no combination of software, location, or calibration will stop the mid-print cancellations. I'm getting really frustrated with this thing.


          Does your host software say something when it happens? Can you still move the axis of your printer, without resetting it or anything, when this happens?
          What Host Software are you using? I have no experience with XYZPrinting but I would either suggest a issue when transfering the data to the printer (USB cable? during print) or that your second extruder might cause a bigger voltage drop causing it to stop.


            The XYZ Printer has no communication with the computer after the model has been downloaded. The files are very small, so even on a USB 1.1 connection there would be little time for corruption during the download. After the file is placed on the printer the computer can be shut off, it is no longer a part of the operation. I have even heard of users installing a "wifi enabled" SD card and essentially turning their da vincis into network printers. They do this by renaming the finished file from xyzware to one of the demo files on the AP, then simply printing the demo.

            So in answer to your question, no the host software says nothing, It never does. The host software can only read cartridge data back from the printer, it can't do jack **** else.

            I have basically come to the conclusion that XYZWare is a piece of garbage. Making no other changes I got my printer back up to 100% and working perfectly, having done nothing besides pay for better software. I'm on Simplyofy 3D now and suddenly all of my problems have gone away.