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Filament not sticking with larger prints

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    Filament not sticking with larger prints

    Hey guys,

    Relatively new to the world of printing so hoping for some help.

    I recently changed the print bed on my 1.A0 and went through the calibration. After much hassle I got it to read success. I can now print smaller objects and they come out fine but when I print larger pieces, at some point during the print towards the left hand side of the heated bed, the filament doesn’t quite stick and eventually pulls the abs around. From research I think this is a calibration issue but I’m unsure on how to manually calibrate. I have pictures of the issue if anyone needs them to advise but could someone lend me their expert opinion and talk me through step by step how to manually calibrate and check my axis etc. I’d so grateful

    Thanks ,


    I might try to raise the temperature on the mat and on the trisce by 5 degrees. and if this does not help, it may be a twisted washer. A similar thing now with my printer.