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Jr 1.0 stringy prints

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    Jr 1.0 stringy prints

    Ello all. Hope you are all having a great sunday.

    Ok, so i have a jr 1.0 printer with newest firmware and xyzware. I am trying to get this thing to print with out all the webbing. If i choose the following, i get really stringy prints

    Quality: normal
    Speed: fast(100mm/s)
    Infil: 10%
    Line height: 0.4
    Retraction speed 40mm/s
    Retraction length 3mm
    Temp 216

    Then if i change it to:

    Qlty: good
    Speed: standard
    Line hgt: 0.3
    Rtrct speed: 40mm/s
    Rtrct lengtb: 3mm
    Tepm: 226

    I still get stringy prints, oh and the last layer on some of them is terible. I use the exact same .3w and sometimes the last layer is fully complete, and then there is that one that gets al messed up. Happens maybe 25% of the time or less.

    Here is a pic. You can see the strings and the side of the part. The side is the last layer and its all wispy haha

    First off, I would manually level the bed, There are many good videos on youtube - Good luck


      Thanks. I wil do that