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Model print issue 1.0 Aio repetier-host/cura engine

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  • Roger3D
    Did you print the perfect one or is it how it should be. Check all your belts and bearings make sure screws etc on frame are tight no loose parts cause it looks like mechanical shifting. Also can be caused by missed steps in stepper motors that can be caused by belts or stepper driver current. Make sure all axes are square and perpendicular. Is this a printer you built. If you flashed repetier I would say you need to recalibrate your steps/ mm for all axes especially the x and y. Had that problem on a printer I built with repetier firmware had to fine tune steps/mm

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  • Markeys1
    started a topic Model print issue 1.0 Aio repetier-host/cura engine

    Model print issue 1.0 Aio repetier-host/cura engine

    So I flashed my firmware to repetier .92.9 and using Cura slicer engine. My issue is the printer is now under filling edges meaning its now printing away from where its supposed to. Here are comparisons from XYZ firmware to repetier firmware. The top model is repetier and bottom is xyzware which is a perfect print for this abs part. What setting could be causing the print to go off kilter?!