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3D printing issue, hurry help

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    3D printing issue, hurry help

    Hello to everyone!

    I don't speak English correctly, sorry for the writing errors.

    I'm not a newbie in 3D printing, i have a Da Vinci Pro 1.0 (Xyzprinting) that i have used for 2 years and more (Bought in the begin of 2015), in that time I had tiny problems that I solved with no complications, the machine is very rustic and strong and prints so good, I always solved the problems that I had, but now I'm Hurry 'cause I have a client waiting for a big piece.

    The problem is simple (I want to think that xD), I bought a new white ABS (1,75mm) filament to my all-day provider (I always printed in ABS and I never had problems with it).

    (I included an image of a first-layer print, please look it)

    If you can see, it looks like the filament extrusion rate is not so good, or the nozzle height is to high. But I measured the filament and it really has 1,75 mm of diameter, I tried different of configs of the nozzle height, tempt, extrusion rate. I totally cleaned the extruder, and the auto-feeder gears, print bed is perfectly balanced, and I just cleaned everything. I tried a lot of things (but there are a lot more remaining to be tested).

    I hope that you had seen that issue before, so I can solve it faster, I'm going to try with other filament (Appart of that stack of ABS spools that I can't get to work, I have two spools of an old ABS and a young HIPS filament that works so well, also I still have an original Xyzprinting cartridge of ABS that never failed) and other configs.

    I store all my filaments in a vacuum chamber with anti-humidity substance and i print in a 4mm glass with the Roby spray, always worked fine.

    Thanks a lot and have a nice day!

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