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Successes with Duo?

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    Successes with Duo?

    Hi All.
    I'm new to the forum and I am looking for any assistance or experiences with the Da Vinci Duo (Blue).
    I'm rarely able to get a successful print out of it.
    I turned it off a few weeks as I was just getting frustrated - went back to it today.

    Issue 1 - Extruder 2 drags into the previous layer
    Issue 2 - Extruder wire harness sometimes messes with the left side drive belt
    Issue 3 - Curving up at corners of prints - skirt helps a bit
    Issue 4 - Inconsistent flow resulting in bumps and gaps in surfaces.
    Issue 5 - Cumbs - I guess this is due to issue 1.

    I am using Simplify 3D with the Duo profile loaded and have tried seemingly endless variations of speeds, feeds, thickness, etc... but I just don't seem to hit on the right combo.
    I find the XYZware app gives even worse results and takes forever to slice - so I decided to go with Simplify.

    Do any of you out there have good/bad/similar experiences and solutions to problems with this printer.
    This is my second printer, my first is a kit... and I am not yet having any better experience.
    While I'm used to using a Stratasys previously in my contract work, I do appreciate this is a budget printer, but should at least work 1 time out of a handful of attempts.

    Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.

    Oh just to add more clarification.
    I am printing with ABS.
    I have print bed calibration numbers of 92 102 95