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Davinci PRO 1.0 replacement bed.

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    Davinci PRO 1.0 replacement bed.

    OooI purchased and registered my davinci pro 1.0 on 10/11/16.

    I opened a ticket on 1/4/16 because the print bed had begun warping.

    That's 86 days into ownership.

    After a lot of back and forth and being asked to send a
    "photo of the print bed that would clearly show it is warped on the center" Sending them pictures of print tests, then arguing because they didn't like the layout of the purchase recipet Finally today on 1/18/17. They informed me that it is now past the 90 warranty that covers the bed, so case closed.

    So, what are my options on getting a replacement bed? Is the original aluminium bed the best option? are there alternatives? Where to buy? Thanks any help. ​​​​​​ ​
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    I have learned to live with mine. My bed has a valley, front to rear. The left and right edges are higher than the middle by about a half a thousandths I think. I use a PrintinZ board and it helps but it will eventually assume the same shape as the bed. I set my z offset so it's correct in the middle. The nozzle is very close to dragging on the edges, but not quite, so I'm ok. I just print in the middle of the bed. So my 8X8 build area is now about 6X6 or so, but like I said, I have learned to live with it. I also use S3D so I don't get those 2 test strips at the edge anymore. I hear we can try glass with a heat transfer compound between the glass and the bed. Haven't tried that yet. I'm ok with my PrintinZ board for now.


      Get some suitable Borosilicate glass and just clip it on top of the existing bed. It cost me £5 to get a piece to fit mine.