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Has anyone tried this NFC Filament Hack?

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  • Has anyone tried this NFC Filament Hack?

    Hi all,

    Its been ages since I last posted on here and through with the new year, getting back into working on some of my projects (3d printing and arduino) which I have neglected.

    Just wanted to know if anybody has tried the above hack on resetting the NFC tag and if it has works?

    I have 2 or 3 spools which still have some amount of filament on them which I cant use as the NFC tag thinks the spool is empty.

    Thanks in advance for any feedback!


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    Sooooooo Rob, I must be stupid or dumb or just both. What is the NFC hack as pertaing to XYZ printers?????


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      It's basically resets the NFC card which the printer reads so it should use the filament till the end of its spool instead of leaving some left. The link explains it, but before I attempt it I wanted to know if anyone else has tried it.


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        Soooo, after to going to the provided links, I am safe to say that the NFC hack is only good for the Davinci Jr. printer, Right? or am I confused


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          I think it is for any NFC card to be reset. Nothing to say it is for only Jr.


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