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    I started having extruder problems on my 1.0 PRO a couple of weeks ago. It seems like it is just not putting out enough plastic anymore.
    I removed the hot end and checked for a clogged nozzle. I can insert the little wire thing through the end of the nozzle and I can insert some filament from the other end and they will touch. I can push out the wire with the filament and I can push out the filament with the wire, so I don't think I have a clog. I can retract the spring at the feed wheels and push filament through all the way to the nozzle. It feels smooth, no binding.
    Yet, when I try to print something it seems like only about 25% of the filament is coming out. I tried raising the temp to 240 (this is ABS btw) the bed is maxed out to 90 and my z offset is squishing the first layer on to the bed. I even tried forcing the filament through, pushing on it feeding into the feed wheels. I tired increasing the rate to 105%, nada. I haven't looked very close at the feed wheels yet but I guess that is where I am headed. It's almost like that motor has slowed down or something.
    I am getting close to asking for help. OK I'm there, As much as it kills me, HELP! Anyone else experience this?

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    You will first have to take the hot end out of the printer, I beleive that I gave you instruction thru another forum. good luck LOL


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      yeah my bed is level. I use the business card / dial indicator / feeler gauge method. That wasn't it.
      It was the short tube right before the hot end. I got it going again.
      I am thinking about the copper tube mod now.


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        It started giving me problems again. I have 3 examples on my desk of a small part, a din rail bracket. The first one printed a few weeks ago and is solid. The second one printed a few days ago and it developed issues as it got higher up. Getting less and less filament and the top layer is pretty rough and porous. My last example is kind of like a sponge. If I hold it up to the light I can see right through it and I can squeeze it just like a sponge.
        I bought a E3D V6 hot end on Ebay and I was able to print out a housing for it, I don't know how. I must have printed it before I developed these serious problems.
        I used the original heater from my Pro and the thermistor that came with the new hot end. I got it all put together, screwed my bed down until the springs almost coil bound, set my z offset and printed a test I have for bed level. I ended up at around 2.10mm for my z offset. The test print came out great. Now I am half way through a 3 hour print and it looks like it is printing better than it ever has. WOHOO!! Using E3D V6 and a BuildTak sheet, it doesn't get any better than this!
        So I still don't know what happened to my original hot end. It must have a clog in it, but I sure couldn't see one or clear one. But now I don't care. I bought this E3D V6 clone for like 10 bucks. I just bought another one for a back up. And I ordered 5 extra 0.4mm nozzles.
        Has anyone experimented with different nozzles? I can order 0.3, 0.4, 0.5 nozzles. What will that do? I assume the smaller diameter nozzle will make the filament come out thinner (duh) but faster, since it is going through a smaller hole. And the larger diameter nozzle would make the filament come out free-er and wider, but slower. Anyone tried this yet?
        This thing makes it easier to install an E3D V6 hot end in a XYZ da Vinci 1.0 Pro printer by merely unclamping/unplugging the stock extruder module, t


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