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Help with adjusting temperature on AiO

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    Help with adjusting temperature on AiO

    Pretty much as the title says - I need to make adjustments to the extruder and bed temperature, but need to know how on an AiO.

    Had the printer for a while, just finished the starter print cartridge (ABS) that came with it.
    Installed a new cartridge, a 'snow white' ABS XYZ cart.
    Now the model I try to print won't work properly.

    I have used the UHU glue very successfully with the starter cartridge - no issues except where I didn't put the glue.
    Only other issues came from the incomplete printing (probably due to the slicing skills of XYZWare) were not insurmountable.
    Now, this Snow White cartridge shows problems.
    Although there is plenty of glue on the Bed, the printed filament doesn't adhere - I thought it was something to do with the glue, but other problems make me believe it is the temperatures.
    When the extruder prints the first two test lines, it then either drags them around, or the melting filament in the extruder looks more 'set' than with the starter cartridge.
    When it prints some small circles (this is the first layer - I haven't got further) the are incomplete, as it looks like the filament does not adhere properly, but sticks up, as if it is, again, too stiff.
    Anyone seeing a cake iced with piping will know the effect - the icing sticks to the nozzle rather than the cake's icing.

    This leads me to believe that both the extruder and bed need to be at higher temperatures- this filament seems a lot stiffer than the starter filament.
    Temperatures immediately prior to print were

    Extruder: 213 Degrees C
    Bed 87 Degrees C

    So the question is, how do I alter the temperature.

    Do I need to purchase one of the small devices that are available (I assume arduino based) and simply adjust the temperature on the print-cartridge chip?
    Is there something else I need to do as well?

    Firmware is relatively recent (shows 1.1.6)
    I don't mind losing the scanner on the AiO, as it is, let's face it, pants. So if flashing the FW with an early version is required, so be it. I have several downloaded, but if I have to do this, I would need to know the best one which will allow me to adjust temperatures in the printer cartridge.

    I know many will say 'flash with repetier, juse Slic3r' etc etc, which I will undoubtedly do, BUT I want to do this one step at a time, prefering not to blitz everything and then try to work out what went wrong. Right now I just need to be able to adjust the temperatures, the rest can come later.

    Any help will be appreciated.

    I posted this over on the Voltivo site, but included another request on the same post, and haven't had any replies from there - I hope it was just the complexity of the second part of my request which is flummoxing people

    Well as far as I know you can not adjust the bed temps, what it sounds like to me, that the bed is not set and you need to level the bed from time to time and cartridge to cartridge..There is a video on utube that ells you and shows you how to adjust the bed. I works for me and I never use any glue stick or tape or anything. This is what I beleive your problem is. Check it out and let us know. Good Luck on your journey


      Thanks for that - I hadn't levelled the bed when I changed the cart. I'll give it a go and see if it helps.
      I had printed an almost identical part using the starter cartridge a few days before this new round of attempts, so hadn't thought of it.
      I got a similar reply from XYZ, so I thought I would use the calibration utility - what a joke! I had previously used the paper method, and that's what I will try again.
      Watched a Youtube video where someone adjusts as the printing happened, and measured the output with a vernier gauge - mine came out at around 0.4mm! I could make a sandwich thinner than that!
      I'm just waiting for a set of feeler gauges which will help - having a neck problem means reaching inside with a bit of floppy paper is tough, so the feeler gauges will help matters.


        You don't need feeler gauges. Use a piece of 20 pound bond paper. Then follow the instructions on utube. This works for me all the time. When you male the adjustments. Stop when you feel a little tug, kind back off a 1/16 of an inch. On thingie verse you can find extender for the adjusting nuts. You will have to buy either 3 or 4 milimeter nuts and glue them in to the extenders.
        Be patient, it might take you a couple of times until you get the feel for it.
        Good Luck.


          A must have tool for the da Vinci 1.0 AIO is an App on my phone "DaVinci Calibrator" Use it every time I change filament. It is available in the Play Store.


            Forgot to include a picture of the Da Vinci Calibrator App.


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