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Prusa i3 x

  • pr976252
    started a topic Power Supply for PRUSA I3 mk2

    Power Supply for PRUSA I3 mk2

    Aurdino getting burst when used with 24 v 30amp power supply which supply is best suited? Please help!!...
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  • Poseidon2002
    started a topic Assistance with parts

    Assistance with parts

    I have had a prusa i3 for 4 years. I purchased as a kit and got ripped off, short story, I have rebuilt electric parts but may need someone to print 2 or three parts to finish it. Iíll pay to have them printed if someone in Australia is willing to do so. I have some great ideas for printing things for my prosthetic leg and would like to finally see this thing working. If anyone is willing please message me.
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  • michael.beach.5836
    started a topic Prusa i3 won't power on

    Prusa i3 won't power on

    Just got the geeetech Prusa i3 and it won't power on. Any ideas?
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