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  • BraKra96
    started a topic Flashing Prusa i3 clone

    Flashing Prusa i3 clone

    So i'm pretty new to 3D printing in general, but i just upgraded to a used Prusa i3 clone with a MKS Gen 2Z V1.2 Board. i wanted to do some cable management and re-tune the printer with a new firmware. 2 days later and i'm trying to teach myself marlin code and getting nowhere. I've tried multiple config.h files with no luck so i resorted in editing the original marlin config.h file. Now the LCD screen is frozen and i can only control my printer through my PC. the only functions that work are x+,...
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  • Hello, I’m new to the forum but not printing.


    I am new to the forum but not to printing. I have owned several printers over the last 5 years. Including 2X Reprap Guru Prusa i3 v2, 3X ANET A8’s, 2X Flsun 3D cubes, and a PowerSpec ultra pro 2 dual extruder printer. The powerspec is the only one I did not build myself. I have also built several printers for friends of mine. I have some questions on settings for the PowerSpec printer.
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  • masochist
    started a topic (ignore or.delete)

    (ignore or.delete)

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  • masochist
    started a topic Prusa Mendel i3 (Rework) Technical

    Prusa Mendel i3 (Rework) Technical

    Currently constructing a 3d printer with some friends from laser-cut, 3d printed and shipped in materials. The project requires the use of both the 624 bearings and 608 bearings, but I only purchased the 608. The bearings seem to fit and its looking like they are able to take the place of the 624-s aside from minor wobble. Is there any risk to keeping them or am I shooting myself in the foot by not purchasing the 624-s as needed?
    Any help would be appreciated.
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  • pr976252
    started a topic Power Supply for PRUSA I3 mk2

    Power Supply for PRUSA I3 mk2

    Aurdino getting burst when used with 24 v 30amp power supply which supply is best suited? Please help!!...
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  • Poseidon2002
    started a topic Assistance with parts

    Assistance with parts

    I have had a prusa i3 for 4 years. I purchased as a kit and got ripped off, short story, I have rebuilt electric parts but may need someone to print 2 or three parts to finish it. I’ll pay to have them printed if someone in Australia is willing to do so. I have some great ideas for printing things for my prosthetic leg and would like to finally see this thing working. If anyone is willing please message me.
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  • JonnyAlpha
    started a topic Prusa i3 / Anet A8 - Hypercube

    Prusa i3 / Anet A8 - Hypercube


    I have been researching my first 3D printer and it looks like I am going to get an Anet A8. I was thinking of also buying a Steel Frame for it but I have just come across some Hypercube 3D Printer Builds which use the basic parts of a Prusa i3.
    Before I get my first 3D Printer can the Anet A8 or any Prusa i3 be converted into a Hypercube? I would prefer the square frame and prefer the way that the extruder moves X and Y as opposed to the Hotbed (if I have got that correct...
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  • michael.beach.5836
    started a topic Prusa i3 won't power on

    Prusa i3 won't power on

    Just got the geeetech Prusa i3 and it won't power on. Any ideas?
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