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Creality CR-10 x

  • Smartie.Store
    started a topic Creality CR-10S5

    Creality CR-10S5

    Hi there, we are clearing a warehouse stock and selling Creality CR-10S5 for 499 EUR (price may change). More info here:
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  • tallgood
    started a topic New Guy

    New Guy

    Hey All I am New Here. I am an Automation Engineer By Trade and have a electronics engineering degree and a BS in Computer Programming. I just purchased a Creality CR-10 Max and have used a Ghee Tech All aluminum for several years. I am Currently printing a 156 hour print. It looks good so far.
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  • Engineering Degree Project - Improving FDM Printing/Designing-Building a Printer

    Hi Guys, for my project I am going to be designing and building a printer, testing and prototyping techniques to improve FDM Technology. anything I create will be open source and I need a little help!,
    I need some market research and opinions into problems that I can tackle. if you have 5 minutes, could you complete my survey?,
    everything is appreciated
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  • Chikoo
    started a topic How to 3d print hollow objects.

    How to 3d print hollow objects.

    I have made a 7.62x51mm NATO bullet shell/casing in SketchUp. I plan to use it in a future 3d printed gun and so I have kept it hollow. However when I slice it in Cura it fills in the hollow space....
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  • PaulR
    started a topic Need Help: Hey folks , where to buy Creality?

    Hey folks , where to buy Creality?


    Im in the Netherlands and looking to buy a Creality cr10 S printer.
    I have read lots of bad reports on Gearbest so really I should stay away from them I think. However they do have the best website all the other suppliers websites I have found seem very scammy, amateur and really difficult to navigate.

    any suggestions pls ?...
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  • mcapilot
    started a topic Heat bed problem CR-10

    Heat bed problem CR-10

    Help!!! I had print going and left it . Printing PLA AT 205 Nozzle 60 Bed. I come home a couple hours later and the print is finished and the nozzle temp returned to room temp, but the bed is 93 I turn it off and let it cool down to 35 and turn it back on and the Bed temp shows I have it set to Zero, but the temp climbs fast. I use a bed wire strain relief and I took the bed of to check the solder points. I have also opened control box and checked all wires and connections, notho g unusual or burnt....
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