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  • ruckus
    started a topic Z18 will not calibrate

    Z18 will not calibrate

    The extruder will not calibrate for home. It raises z axis all the way up then grinds gears and drags the extruder across the build plate back to home. I tried a different extruder I had borrowed and it calibrates fine. Any ideas where to start? I really don't want to have to buy a new one.
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  • Baja318
    started a topic Makerbot Z18 Help?

    Makerbot Z18 Help?

    I've been doing quite a bit of printing with a Z18 for the past couple of months - the machine is owned by my employer. Last month I invested in a Smart Extruder + and swapped it for the original Smart Extruder. Yesterday I began having issues with the extruder becoming detached repeatedly - I was running the filament from the drawer. I swapped the filament out for a new roll and ran it from the exterior instead and began a new, big print. I came in today to the same problem: the extruder was detached...
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