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  • tompkinsdan
    started a topic Topographic Map and QR codes

    Topographic Map and QR codes


    I'm a teacher at the middle school level in Maine. My kids are hungry for experiences and opportunities in the 3D printing world so I hope this forum can help!

    I want to print a topographic map about four feet long in pieces. I wouldn't have hundreds of levels, but perhaps 12 to 18. What tool would you recommend using to make the shapes? What do you recommend in terms of connecting the pieces together? I've got a Makerbot Replicator 5 and use PLA (if that matters)....
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  • A_Miller
    started a topic Fouled Smart Extruder+ Help???

    Fouled Smart Extruder+ Help???

    Hey where can I get parts wo buying a whole new Extruder....mine overflowed over the whole and and leaked PLA between the head and the coils. See Attached picture. I broke two wire trying to remove the PLA from around the nozzle. Can this be cleaned and saved? Pretty new to this and I need help....
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  • v@sil
    started a topic Problem with extruder on MB 5th Generation

    Problem with extruder on MB 5th Generation

    Our client have a problem with smart extruder (type 12.2.1) on his printer. Model of printer is MB 5th Generation 3D printer, and the printer is new.
    When he like attaching an extruder, the printer make an error about extruder attachment.
    Only when put a plastic tail around an extruder, printer recognized it.

    I tried with different type of extruder, but the problem is the same.
    I check connector pins, but they are OK
    Firmware is up to date.
    * The air plenum...
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  • saifprints
    started a topic Review - Makerbot 5th gen

    Review - Makerbot 5th gen

    We started our business with a brand new makerbot 5th gen printer in September 2014. It has been 7 months now. The initial 4 months went without a hitch, no errors with either the printer or the filament or the extruder. Then one fine day, our extruder became clogged, which after googling, we found that it is a common occurence in this printer. We got ourselves a new extruder and started printing again.
    During the last month or so, we have had lots of errors cropping up. We donot...
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