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  • dharmikkathrani
    started a topic Issues with FF Guider 2

    Issues with FF Guider 2

    Hope you are doing well

    I have been facing some issues recently after I changed the hot end of the guider 2.(Purchased from official Flashforge reseller. Original replacement.)
    It would be great if someone could help out

    1) The extruder drastically slows down while printing and then moves to a point and over extrudes and pauses, only to try and
    start printing off bed, after which it has to be turned off.

    2) The extruder...
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  • +Christiane+
    started a topic Flashforge Dreamer removable build surface.

    Flashforge Dreamer removable build surface.

    Does anyone know a good removable surface for the flashforge dreamer?
    Is there something that is not thick and not expensive?
    I saw the Printinz removable surface but it is thick.
    The Buildtak flexible surface system is expensive.
    Is there something flexible, thin and not expensive?
    I searched for PEI but I found surfaces that stick to the buildplate.
    It doesn't have to be magnetic, I can add clips to hold the surface, right? Or the clips can melt?
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  • +Christiane+
    started a topic Flashforge Dreamer and Cura

    Flashforge Dreamer and Cura

    I want to ask, Anyone know if Cura works with Flashforge Dreamer?
    If yes, is there a template for the printer that I can add to Cura?
    Because I didn't find Flashforge Dreamer in the list of printers in Cura.
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  • alteration
    started a topic Flashforge Dreamer Vertical Lines

    Flashforge Dreamer Vertical Lines

    Hello, I'm getting these annoyng vertical lines with my FFDreamer. This is reported as an issue on their site, so I contacted the support. After several messages where they said me what to try, they said "well just to inform you these vertical lines are normal on the FFDreamer". So what to do now? I bought the printer with amazon prime and amazon warranty, is this really an issue or am I wrong?
    ps I tried a lot of solutions like reduce printing speed and rotate by 45°, this mitigated...
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