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  • Anet A8 Z axis keeps going out of line help please

    Hi all
    I have a Anet A8 printer which has an aduino board running marlin and it has been running fine but lately I have had trouble leveling the bed and it was driving me crazy the nozzel would keep catching the bed.
    But now I have found out why every time I reset the Z axis and send it home when it stops on the switch the right side moves down and the left side moves up so one side is higher than the other.
    It does this everytime has anyone any idea what is causing this as I cant...
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  • knikio
    started a topic Anet A8 freeze or crash after leveling is finish
    in Anet

    Anet A8 freeze or crash after leveling is finish

    I Have Anet A8 (skynet 1.1 firmware)
    Everything works well for a while, I even printed a few things.
    But now the printer gets stuck or just goes crazy after auto leveling is finish.
    When I turn on the printer everything is fine including the led screen
    But when I do the auto leveling, at the end of the auto leveling, the printer is freeze .
    Sometimes there is a display on screen and sometimes the Z motor or the X motor keep
    moving without stopping but...
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  • Plastic Printer
    started a topic Printing off the bed
    in Anet

    Printing off the bed

    I have had a number of problems with my Anet A8 Plus. The one giving me the most trouble at the moment is the position of the printhead. It wants to start on the bed and then moves to the left and then back on the bed. I think I need to somehow start the print toward the middle of the bed. Any thoughts?
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  • Elmaimon
    started a topic Theemosistor problems anet A8
    in Anet

    Theemosistor problems anet A8

    when i turn on the printer it shows the correct ambient temperature for a split second and then goes to “def”
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  • mrBoeing
    started a topic Anet A8 plus bed issues
    in Anet

    Anet A8 plus bed issues

    Hi all,
    I recently got my first printer, and Anet A8 plus. It came in, I assembled it, and then heated up the bed (read that you should level the bed when it is warm) to 50c. I went to level it, but found it was warped, so I was worried that I built it wrong, so I took it apart and checked the flatness of each of the induvial parts (glass, heater plate w/built in aluminum plate, and the y-carriage mounting plate thingy). Every single part of my bed is level, the heater and aluminum is perfectly...
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  • Printer motors grinding and dying. PLEASE HELP.

    I build an anet a8 from a kit a while back. I was running a big print at 100% infill.(1 day 17 hr print time) I come back to it and the printer has died mid print. NOW when I try to home the motors, the print bed moves jerkilly for a few seconds and the screen flickers and then dies, going black. I have replaced the main board, and the power supply, it did nothing to help. I've searched everywhere but I have not found a solution.
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  • My Anet A8 selectively goes idle and does not print!!

    Hello! So I usually like to figure things out on my own but this one has me stumped! My issue and all the information I have so far is as follows

    I have been using the Cura software ever since I got my printer (I have an Anet A8 that I got a little over a month ago) and so far I love the software. I have been getting my projects off of Thingiverse and have been using the cura software to convert my 3d images to gcode. Up until now I have had absolutely no problems at all....
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  • Engineering Degree Project - Improving FDM Printing/Designing-Building a Printer

    Hi Guys, for my project I am going to be designing and building a printer, testing and prototyping techniques to improve FDM Technology. anything I create will be open source and I need a little help!,
    I need some market research and opinions into problems that I can tackle. if you have 5 minutes, could you complete my survey?,
    everything is appreciated
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  • GDIT
    started a topic A8 hits X & Y limits without halting - Z limit is fine
    in Anet

    A8 hits X & Y limits without halting - Z limit is fine

    I select AUTO HOME and the printhead moves to the left, hits the limit switch, but does not stop. In about 2 seconds of trying to go farther left it stops. It then starts on the Z axis and hits the limit switch correctly and then goes up a bit and then settles as it should. I also have an issue with the Y axis that does not register the limit switch. I ohmed out all 3 limit switches to the end of the cable and all are fine and all connections are correct. I Reloaded the original firmware with...
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  • rewsenj
    started a topic Anet a6 not turning on

    Anet a6 not turning on

    I decided to build an enclosure for my Anet a6 to improve the quality of my prints and it has been working fine for a day or two, but now when I plug in the printer nothing happens and the power supply makes a buzzing sound.
    If anyone has any idea what has happened or how to fix it I would really appreciate it if you could tell me
    (not an a8 but they are similar enough)
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  • 3D Printing Neophyte with an Anet A8

    Hi, all. 3D printing newbie, here. I just assembled my Anet A8 kit this weekend, and got surprisingly good results from my first test print.

    I noticed during my pre-assembly electrical check that Fan 2 (the one with the heat sink) runs constantly. Is this correct, or something up with my controller?


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  • Devil3D
    started a topic Anet A8 - SD card error
    in Anet

    Anet A8 - SD card error

    Hi all,
    last week I've bought an Anet A8. After a few upgrades it's printing quite well (belt tensioners, antiwobble with ball bearings, fan duct, and mosfets boards).

    But it is giving me a strange behavior, it cant read SD card.
    In the logs, it tells me "SD init fail",
    if I try to mount using display menu', nothing happens except... that it starts extruder fan for about 2 seconds!
    I've already tested different cards, but same result.

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  • matejc
    started a topic Anet A8 extrudot going to oposite way after few minutes
    in Anet

    Anet A8 extrudot going to oposite way after few minutes


    i got my first 3d printer, Anet A8, and I was abla to print few test models.
    But now, when printer start printing, is ok, but after few minutes, extrudor going to oposite way and again to rigt way. But, because of this, filament is blocked inside and Anet cant fill filament any more. I must clean nozzle throat and start again. But when I start printing again, there is the same problem.... Any hel? Here is video:
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  • snoopy20
    started a topic ANET A8 - Auto Levelling Is Rubbish!
    in Anet

    ANET A8 - Auto Levelling Is Rubbish!

    I'm not sure what the fuss is about, the RIKO sensor has too large a tolerance to be accurate and the firmware (at least the standard one) is merely using the the sensor as a replacement for the Z-switch, not profiling the heatbed as I assumed it would. The "Next" step appears to do nothing more than the first step and the Z correction only applies during printing, at which point it may try to center-punch the bed!

    So you still have to set up the bed perfectly level, every...
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  • JonnyAlpha
    started a topic Anet A8 or Hictop Prusa i3 ATL II 3DP
    in Anet

    Anet A8 or Hictop Prusa i3 ATL II 3DP

    i am trying to decide between an Anet A8 and a Hictop Prusa i3 ATL 3DP and have some questions.

    The Hictop is an aluminium extruded frame and Auto levelling but I have seen a reviewing saying that the Hot End / Extruder is not good, Blocks.

    Is the Hot End the same part as the Extruder.

    Whats the frame like like on the Anet for rigidity?
    Whats the Hot End and Extruder like on the Anet.
    I have seen some upgrades on auto levelling for the...
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