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  • Furkan
    started a topic Need Help: Help


    This is where the round shape should be. What is error. Help please
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  • Gaps in-between lines on first layer

    Hey! I am very new to 3D printing, and just yesterday I received my first 3D Printer, the Anycubic i3 Mega. I have recently gad some gaps in between the lines on my first layer. How can I fix this. Image here:
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  • FloydyFloyd
    started a topic Need Help: Strange Print Notches

    Strange Print Notches

    I am new to 3D printing and am experiencing some difficulty with my Creality Ender 3 printer.

    In my prints I am getting there wierd notches Iím my prints that I am unable to explain (see image attached)

    Any my help would be apreciated
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  • EagleEyeBill
    started a topic Need Help: Error code

    Error code

    Hello, I'm new to 3D printing, I bought my first printer about a month ago and I'm hooked. I have made around 25 prints so far on my Sindoh DP200 and the prints look great. An error code "EC 356" came up and I was wandering if anyone can tell me what it means. I searched the manual under codes and it was nowhere to be found. Please help!
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  • Bad first printing, looking for advices (Tevo Tarantula, Repetier and Slic3r)

    Hello everyone,
    I am totally new to 3D printing. I assembled a Tevo Tarantula and I followed some tutorials to make the first printing. D-Tech on YouTube, advices to print a cube (this one : as a first model, I used repetier-host and then Slic3r to create the g-code of the cube and then I tried to print the cube but here is my result :

    As you can see the cube is not smooth at all, it has some holes on the sides...
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  • Leathor
    started a topic Need Help: Problem with z axis in Tronxy x1

    Problem with z axis in Tronxy x1

    My name is Pedro and I'm new to 3d printing. I bought a Tronxy x1 that just arrived and manage to build it correctly (I believe :P)
    The problem is that I'm having an issue with my z axis. When I choose the option "Home all" the X and Y axis position correctly, but the z axis keeps trying to go down for 3-4 seconds until it stops. When I try to force the z axis to go up, it just keeps going down all the time.
    The wierdest thing is that when I put the z axis manually...
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  • to correct slic3r settings for bowden & corexy

    Hi all,

    My environment for printing so far was: prusa i3 clone, with wade extruder, 3mm fill, 0.4mm noze, and slic3r. Now I have a chance to test completely different printer, workiing in corexy mode, with bowden all-metal extruder and 1.75mm filament (also 0.4mm).

    I tried to modify some settings in slic3r in configuration I used previously on prusa but had no luck (vide: pics). I can't quote exact configuration (have no access to other computer now), but the most important...
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  • PaulR
    started a topic Need Help: Hey folks , where to buy Creality?

    Hey folks , where to buy Creality?


    Im in the Netherlands and looking to buy a Creality cr10 S printer.
    I have read lots of bad reports on Gearbest so really I should stay away from them I think. However they do have the best website all the other suppliers websites I have found seem very scammy, amateur and really difficult to navigate.

    any suggestions pls ?...
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  • Nogaaa
    started a topic Need Help: Best Prusa i3 kit?

    Best Prusa i3 kit?

    I'm relatively new to 3d printing. I took a class on it once, but it was more about the modeling side of things- my teacher took care of anything to do with the actual printing.
    Now I'm looking for a desktop-ish (a little larger than desktop size would be great) printer, with a budget of 200$ stretchable to 300$. I've got my eye on the Prusa i3, but there are so many different kits and I can't decide on which to get.
    Most important to me are sturdiness, ease of assembly (I don't mind...
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  • alx
    started a topic Need Help: motors kicking

    motors kicking

    Hello guys I'm new to this forum and new to 3d printing thing. first of all I have to tell u I have no clue about those things still I made a custom 3d printer with uno+cnc shield v3, I know I went the hard way but anyway, after some hard times I finally finished building it and wiring everything on the shield. Basically I'm using 4 stepper motors nema 17 with Bowden assembly , have no end stops, no heated bed and fan plugged in directly to psu. I have uploaded teacup firmware on uno and for printing...
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  • my nozzel keeps hitting the bed T_T

    i'm new in the 3D printing and i resently bought a pruisa i3 clone with and autolevel,, sooo i set everything, i level the bed by hand, i hit auto home, it set up everthyng, y do the autolevel, and first problem i get a message that says end stop hit Z, i don't know if thats like a problem or just the message you get when it finish, when i try to 3D print is just a mess, the nozzel goes into the bed, and it just craping it, it is awfull. i try using the Z offset, but i just can't figuir it out...
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  • 14k
    started a topic Need Help: after some advice please

    after some advice please

    So i currently have a Flashforge Creator Pro, I am using 3D builder (comes pre-installed on windows 10) and ReplicatorG-Sailfish-40r34. now I've had a look online at some different programs but gonna be honest started to give me a headache an confused the living daylights outta me. So back on track to my question is there a better way of the design and print software that i am currently using. I would like a program that would allow me to do the more technical prints but also would print...
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  • The final answer, I'm so confused.

    Which 3d printer is better for a person that has no experience in 3d printers but wants decent quality in this price range (-200$+)?

    Anet A8, Anet A6, Tevo tarantula?

    If I have to do some upgrades there is no problem, but they shouldn't be very difficult to make as I have 0 experience. But I can follow some steps in order to make them.
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  • Tansar217
    started a topic Need Help: Anet A8?

    Anet A8?

    Hey there! I'm looking to buy my first 3D printer and am new to this kinda of stuff.

    After a few days of research and looking at various printers, the Anet A8 seems to be a pretty good option. I don't want to spend too much money, and I love figuring how things work. I know it has an acrylic frame, but is there stronger one I can buy separate? This has pretty good reviews and was wondering what some of you have to say, and is it the right choice for me? Do you have good experiences...
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  • Where could I get these printed as 3D objects once I have an STL File>

    I am new to this and not sure of what is available and what the reslution could be

    Wish to make this about 6 - 10" long

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