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flashforge finder

  • rover109
    replied to FF Finder thermocouple replacement
    Hi Craig
    You gave me the clue I needed to repair my Finder which has been broken since last December. I damaged the temperature sensor while performing a hot end upgrade. My Finder must have been made even before yours because its serial is FFF199471, though it was bought as new in August 2018 from a reputable Australian hobby electronics retailer.
    Oddly, the damaged temp sensor looked exactly like the Thermocouple currently sold as a Finder spare part by Flashforge with blue cable sheath...
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  • GrantB
    replied to FF Finder thermocouple replacement
    A thermo couple device is polarity sensitive, try connecting the wires the opposite way round.
    The FF Dreamer & Finder use a K-Type thermo couple. the wires are made of specific dissimilar materials that generate a voltage when heated. The Mother-Board detects this volttage change & works out the temperature.
    All thermo-couples are polarity sensitive, & iff connected the wrong way round they will give some very odd readings indeed.
    Note also that there are many types...
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  • NewInnovators
    started a topic 30 Days with the Flashforge Finder

    30 Days with the Flashforge Finder

    Hi Everybody,

    I just finished 30 days running my Flashforge Finder and made a blog about my prints and troubleshooting.
    Hopefully this will help others make a decision on this printer or help them troubleshoot problems.
    Overall, it's a good printer for $650CAN.
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  • cchimp123
    started a topic Flashforge finder

    Flashforge finder

    My parents are buying me a flashforge finder for my very first 3d printer. Could anyone give me some tips and tricks about this printer and 3d printing in general? Thank you.
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  • Flashforge Finder vs Velleman Vertex K8400 printer.


    I'm thinking about investing in my first 3D printer, and I was looking for some advice on what to buy.

    I was looking at the Flashforge Finder, and it looks good, but my concern is that it has no support for heated bed, and is not able to print with Ninjaflex (or am I wrong there?). A good thing with the Finder is that it is more or less Plug-and-play.

    The Velleman one has support for dual head, and it is possible to add a heated bed on it, but looks...
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  • Flashforge Guider 2 - First Layer issues

    Hello Everyone,

    I'm new to the site and also fairly new to 3D Printing but very much enjoying it.

    I started out with the Flashforge Finder which was really good and easy to use out of the box.

    I now have the Flashforge Guider 2, and apart from a few teething problems for some of the settings its going fairly well.

    I'm currently having issues with the first layer, i have reduced the print speed to see if this helps but its currently printing the...
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  • Grandelius
    started a topic Flashforge Finder and painters tape

    Flashforge Finder and painters tape

    Hi! I got a Finder this weekend and love the machine so far. Much more reliable than my previous 3D printer experiences. But I have one problem. I try to use painters tape on the print bed, but no matter how many times I recalibrate the bed level, the nozzle just plows deep into the tape resulting in no filament getting extruded. I even tried the "calibrate extruder" function with paper as suggested in the manual, but that didn't help either.

    Is there anyone else who has had this...
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  • Joel & Josh - 3DP STUFF LIVE (Flashforge Finder Resurrection)

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  • External spool holder for the FlashForge Finder 3D printer

    For all the users of the #FlashForgeFinder #3Dprinter, there is now a practical #3Dprintable spool holder in case you have larger spools that don’t fit into the build-in spool casing.

    You can download it from:
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  • anthony
    started a topic Flashforge Finder Reviews Feedback ?!!!

    Flashforge Finder Reviews Feedback ?!!!

    I would like to ask if anyone is working on a ff Finder?
    Can u give me a feedback plz
    Thank you in advance
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  • pugbutt
    replied to FF Finder thermocouple replacement
    Thanks Grant.

    It turns out, even though my Finder was bought recently (Flashforge store on Amazon), it is an old model and actually has a NTC thermistor instead of a thermocouple! Flashforge USA knows nothing about this, and I didn't have much luck with the Chinese contact either. The only two replacement parts to be ordered from them are both thermocouples-- in either M3 or M4 thread.

    I can't imagine this thing being a knockoff because it is a complec machine with a...
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  • Monarch 3D Warehouse
    replied to Flexible Filament?
    Flashforge and NinjaFlex

    I see he is on the flashforge manufacturer site. That means he probably has a Creator, Dreamer, or Finder. I believe they all have direct extruders. I may be doing some experiments using ninjaflex on my FF Creator Pro. I will try and remember to update on my results.

    Monarch 3D Warehouse
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  • Michele T
    started a topic Material for alimentary use

    Material for alimentary use

    I have a flashforge finder printer. I would like to know if there are printing materials for products in contact with food. Thank you
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  • trekker
    started a topic Flashprint


    Greetings. I just purchased a Flashforge Finder for my school and I am having trouble getting it to connect to Flashprint.

    After I downloaded Flashprint, the only printer that showed up to choose was the Hunter model, which I don't have. I tried connecting the USB cable but the Finder still didn't show up in the choose printer menu.

    I would truly appreciate it if anyone knows how to fix this issue.

    Many thanks!!!
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  • chrispyfur
    started a topic Help with broken finder

    Help with broken finder


    So I've got a working flashforge finder which I love and is very reliable. I bought a "customer return" unit from eBay on the cheap to see if I could get it running and provide a machine for spares if not.

    I have examined the printer and the printer turns on and printed a test ok, but the Language was set to Italian.

    When I tried to change the language it turns off immediately.
    I flashed the latest firmware. It was still in Italian....
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