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ultimaker original

  • 3D2015
    started a topic For sale Makerbot, Ultimaker 3D Printers.

    For sale Makerbot, Ultimaker 3D Printers.

    For sale Makerbot, Ultimaker 3D Printers.



    Makerbot replicator mini
    Price : $1275

    Makerbot replicator
    Price: $2595

    Makerbot replicatorZ18
    Price : $5457

    MakerBot Replicator 2X
    Price : $2245

    Robox 3D PRINTER RBX01
    Price : $1245

    Ultimaker 2 3D Prnter
    Ultimaker 2 GO
    Price : $1095
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  • Hello and let me introduce myself 3 dimensionally ( :

    Hello. I am 1 month new to 3d printing and found this group in my effort to find a solution. Thank you to all that contribute! I have a CR-10 mini and I love it! I use Ultimaker Cura and Autocads free online design software, TinkerCAD. My challenges have evolved, originally print not sticking to glass then sticking way too much to glass, stabbing myself in the thumb, with a putty knife...owwwwww. Now using kevlar gloves when removing. My favorite and most popular prints so far have been logo drink...
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  • Dennis
    replied to Where have i gone wrong?
    I have taken onboard all the tips and suggestions and applied them. I printed the red wheel again and it came out perfect. That was 1 of 4 needed so I went ahead and printed no.2, 75% of the way and the layers had moved. I tried the roof section again and the same thing happened. All these were after re-slicing at 85% of the original size because they were too large for my bed.

    The first thing I printed was one that arrived with the printer, a Unicorn`s head, came out ok, so I thought...
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  • ggr
    started a topic Ultimaker 2 3D Printer

    Ultimaker 2 3D Printer

    Up for sale is a nicely used Ultimaker 2 3D Printer in excellent working order, No issues at all with. Printer is fully functional very well renowned for print quality and reliability, It comes with a couple rolls of filament, SD card and the original power supply excellent-quality prints in an easy-to-use package. This 3D printer produces high-quality items with excellent detail, and can use a variety of materials.

    I'm selling it for a fair price of $1900 and price includes handling...
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  • AnonyMouse
    replied to Researching 3D Printers
    You will appreciate that 10 different people can have 10 different answers, so the following is just my take:

    1. Should I get a printer that does more than one material type e.g. PLA and ABS?

    Absolutely! I think you'll find my comments in this thread useful:

    2. What is the difference between PLA and ABS?

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  • Ultimaker Teams with 3DPrinterOS to Offer Free 3D Printing Classes in the US

    By Davide Sher
    The Dutch 3D printer manufacturer, that has recently expanded its reach into the US, has teamed up with 3DprinterOS to offer free 3D printing classes in New York City and San Francisco. The idea is to offer people who are completely new to the technology a first approach to the terminology, processes, materials and applications that relate to all aspects of 3D printing.
    Co-founded by John Dogru,*3DprinterOS*is a cloud based operating system which lets users...
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  • Review of the Ultimaker Original Heated Bed Upgrade Kit

    Regular readers of this blog know that we started our 3D printing adventure with an Ultimaker Original 3D printer a couple of years back. Although it may have come of age today, the Ultimaker Original is still a great 3D printer, its endless hackability and its very solid printing results speak for themselves. The fact

    Read the rest of this blog post...
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  • ultimaker original + vs origibal prusa i3 mk 2

    hi! im new to ed printing and finally have enough miney to get my very first 3d printer now im thinking about buying the prusa i3 but know i have found an ultimaker original second hand (with heated bed and a few rolls of filament) for 600€. my question is which is better? especially for a beginner (17 yo)
    thanks for the help
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  • Ultimaker Original+ build files have been released

    Ultimaker, in their wisdom, have released the build files for the Ultimaker Original + 3D printer.

    So if you fancy making your own Ultimaker 3D printer now is your chance. The files included are a in folders by component and with each component is a .STEP file and a PDF specification sheet.

    Make the list and make your own Ultimaker 3D printer
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  • 3doftom
    started a topic Ultimaker Hero Design Contest

    Ultimaker Hero Design Contest

    Here are some of my entries for the Ultimake Design contest that just completed last month. I am now working with them to develop some original content for their future release of the Ultimaker Extended and Ultimaker Go. I am very excited about this project! Here is a link to my blog where I go into more detail about each piece:

    More images of the entries on my blog ...
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  • CBBnelson
    started a topic prusa i3 really that good?

    prusa i3 really that good?

    Hi! i am looking to buy my first 3d printer. I have my eyes on the DIY kit original prusa i3, the price is very attractive and alot of youtubers (3d printing nerd, i like to make stuff enz) say its as good as the ultimaker 2..
    is that true?
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  • wjuniorbr
    started a topic E3D upgrade in an unknown printer

    E3D upgrade in an unknown printer


    I have a Joysmaker R2 (it's a chinese copy of the ultimaker original but with heated bed and display with controller, and I changed the hotend to the E3D (on this link )that uses the 104gt-2 thermistor. My pcb had to be replaced too, I installed an ultimaker 1.5.7 pcb.
    My problem is that the original hotend used a thermocouple and...
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  • bret4
    started a topic I may have to get one of these

    I may have to get one of these

    As mentioned I do not own one of these yet but a friend of mine does. It has some minor problems but for the money it really does work great! I think I comes close to my old ultimaker in the print quality. That is about as good as it gets. Plus their support of getting at least some parts in America is nice too.


    I just got a flashforge creator x pro as of a month after my original post. This is a great printer. Once I got used to some settings it prints beautiful!...
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  • UltimakerNewbie
    started a topic Ultimaker Upgrades!

    Ultimaker Upgrades!

    I was wondering about upgrades for my new Ultimaker Original Plus. I have seen people (Youtube) upgrading not only their Ultimakers but many other kinds of printers, by using the printer to create the part. I have seen belt tensioners and such, but I was wondering if there were any more upgrades I should look into, specifically for the Ultimaker. Links would be helpful, but you can also give me ideas for parts I could then design in a piece of CAD software myself. Thanks to anyone who...
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  • toonttm
    started a topic 3 choices for a classroom

    3 choices for a classroom

    Hello, I am deciding between 3 printers. I have never used one so hopefully someone can give me a little direction.

    Should I go the Ultimaker original + and build the kit or just go with the Up Box (a little over my budget). My concern with the Ultimaker is around reliability as while I don't mind tweaking and maintaining but I don't want to be constantly doing so. However building a kit seems like fun but do you learn a lot (I teach electronics)? Or should I just go with the Up Box...
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