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ultimaker 3 extended

  • Ultimaker 3 Extended, Lulzbot TAZ 6, Raise 3D N2/N2+ or Up Box+?

    Hello, I want to print high quality objects of different sizes ranging from small screws, objects 1-10 cm in each dimension up to large objects of about 28 cm in at least one direction. I also want to print transparent objects. How are the following printers ranked in terms of print quality and support/easy of self maintenance: Ultimaker 3 Extended, Lulzbot TAZ 6, Raise 3D N2 and N2+, Up Box+, Open to suggestion.
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  • Which 3D printres can make nice looking transparent objects?

    Hello, I have used several 3D printers such as the Up Plus 2, Makerbot 2, Stratasys uPrint 2 SE.

    I am considering to buy a 3D printer for home use. It must be able to have a large print volume (at least 28-30cm in one direction). In addition, it should be able to print transparent objects nicely and clearly. In the past, I tried to print transparent objects using the Makerbot 2 and PLA. The outputs were not very transparent even the filament was transparent.

    Anybody printed...
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