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ultimaker 2

  • bmxer13
    replied to Need Help: Newbie problem
    / The following define selects which electronics board you have. Please choose the one that matches your setup
    // 10 = Gen7 custom (Alfons3 Version) ""
    // 11 = Gen7 v1.1, v1.2 = 11
    // 12 = Gen7 v1.3
    // 13 = Gen7 v1.4
    //3 = MEGA/RAMPS up to 1.2 = 3
    // 33 = RAMPS 1.3 (Power outputs: Extruder, Bed, Fan)
    // 34 = RAMPS 1.3 (Power outputs: Extruder0, Extruder1, Bed)
    // 4 = Duemilanove w/ ATMega328P...
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  • Ender 3 issue - Z axis is always adding .2 mm before print

    I apologize if this was addressed elsewhere. I searched but did not see this issue already addressed. Over the past few days I have received my new Ender 3 Pro, put it together, successfully printed the Dog and Cat file supplied on the SD card. Next I tried printing four different files from Thingiverse with all of them having the same results. As soon as the printer starts to lay down the first layer, I notice on the LCD screen that .2mm is added to the Z axis. This makes the head just spit out...
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  • Theguywitharock
    replied to Hello
    Hey Chuck!

    Well I cant say I'm proficient in the ultimaker 3 as I've never used one before but I can give you some tips that could help you get started, I don't know your previous experience in printers so I'll give the basic rundown, sorry if its stuff you already know.

    Programs: With any 3d model you will need to "slice" it to give the the printer instructions on what actions it needs to do to print your model, this can be done by putting a .STL file into CURA(...
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  • longbeardpolymer
    replied to Problem with print
    the first question I asked was what nozzle size did you install on your ender 3. I can't look at profiles for other nozzle sizes right now because I am using 0.2 nozzle. I can only see default cura profiles for .2 nozzle. there are two of them. you need to go in there and save the profile. you can do it if you look around. Ctrl J on the keyboard brings up the manage profiles window. export the profile that you are currently using. whatever the name is. use that one. remember where you save the file....
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  • mikisiemanko
    replied to good morning everybody
    good evening my friend that is wrote on the page about pcb

    Product Features

    • Set on Ultimaker and Arduino mega2560 function on a motherboard, in terms of both hardware and software perfectly replace the Arduino Mega2560 + Ultimaker Shield combinations, and the volume occupied by smaller, more convenient connections, higher stability
    • Using ATmega2560 as the main chip, with the use of high-performance USB chip FTDIFT232RQ
    • The main circuit adopts SMD fuse, power supply port for reverse
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  • Reporting. After 3 weeks, I did it. I fixed the Silent Gliss roller blind mechanism, almost from scratch. It took maybe 60 hours of work if someone is interested. This includes learning Ultimaker and all it's settings, learning about PLA and PVA (which was not useful in the end), learning Ultimaker's nozzle and melting problems, learning Sketchup for 3D modeling, making a considerable amount of failed prints.

    What took the most time was this: when my Silent Gliss plastic parts broke,...
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  • wjuniorbr
    started a topic E3D upgrade in an unknown printer

    E3D upgrade in an unknown printer


    I have a Joysmaker R2 (it's a chinese copy of the ultimaker original but with heated bed and display with controller, and I changed the hotend to the E3D (on this link )that uses the 104gt-2 thermistor. My pcb had to be replaced too, I installed an ultimaker 1.5.7 pcb.
    My problem is that the original hotend used a thermocouple and...
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  • 3DprintTechDesign
    started a topic The Ultimaker 3 review

    The Ultimaker 3 review

    Hi folks!

    I wanted to share my Ultimaker 3 Review (not under any gag orders or stuff like that) and i'ts my honest look on this new machine. Could be the first review out in the open as well?

    Since I post here both to inform you guys (and to get feedback) i'd like to hear what your opinions are, both on the machine and the video.

    As you might now the two big things are the Dual extruders. Ultimaker users a quite interesting detachable build core...
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  • huntleybill
    started a topic Why does my LCD not work?

    Why does my LCD not work?

    • Hi all
      I have the Makerfarm Prusa i3V 8" with a new RAMPS 1.4 that I just finished putting on the "itty bitty flex dual extruder". Everything seems to work ok except the LCD display. If I plug my laptop in with the power to the printer turned off, the display works fine (backlit fine with nice bright white characters). With the laptop connected and the power to the printer turned on, the display shows a lit background and faint black lettering (very hard to see but workable).
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  • 3D2015
    started a topic For sale Makerbot, Ultimaker 3D Printers.

    For sale Makerbot, Ultimaker 3D Printers.

    For sale Makerbot, Ultimaker 3D Printers.



    Makerbot replicator mini
    Price : $1275

    Makerbot replicator
    Price: $2595

    Makerbot replicatorZ18
    Price : $5457

    MakerBot Replicator 2X
    Price : $2245

    Robox 3D PRINTER RBX01
    Price : $1245

    Ultimaker 2 3D Prnter
    Ultimaker 2 GO
    Price : $1095
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  • DaveTech204
    replied to Print Keeps Falling Over
    I've been a Ender 3 / Cura user for 9 months and I've done a lot of small print projects.

    If you really want to print it standing on end like that I think you'll need to adjust your support settings.
    There is an overhang angle setting that changes how steep an angle to add support to.
    That link will take you to the description for the Support Setting in Cura. Change that setting and use a raft, it should help. Just check what...
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  • Which 3D printres can make nice looking transparent objects?

    Hello, I have used several 3D printers such as the Up Plus 2, Makerbot 2, Stratasys uPrint 2 SE.

    I am considering to buy a 3D printer for home use. It must be able to have a large print volume (at least 28-30cm in one direction). In addition, it should be able to print transparent objects nicely and clearly. In the past, I tried to print transparent objects using the Makerbot 2 and PLA. The outputs were not very transparent even the filament was transparent.

    Anybody printed...
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  • LibraryDragon
    started a topic Hot end temp check?

    Hot end temp check?

    What tools do you use to run diagnostics on the hot end? I'm thinking of some kind of external sensor that would work independently of the machine's sensors.

    I am having some apparent heating issues on a WanHao & an Ultimaker.
    -- I think the Ultimaker will need some new sensors (trying to figure out which one(s) exactly... hard to do without a diagram or something, just reading maintenance stuff and matching the parts on the pictures/videos to the names given in the explanation....
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  • As promised here is the schematic. Also see my config.h file below, I deleted several sections for space (LCD, thermal, auto bed leveling, etc...).


    #include "boards.h"

    // This configuration file contains the basic settings.
    // Advanced settings can be found in Configuration_adv.h
    // BASIC SETTINGS: select your board type, temperature sensor type, axis...
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  • Hi Mikey,
    I got lucky 2 years ago, & bought 4 FlashForge Dreamers as customer returns for just £300 each & took a chance they were complete... for under £100 total, they were all running. I have significantly modified the cooling, extraction, mechanical strength & lots of illuminations too....
    They have each clocked up over 1,500 hrs actual printing time... mostly doing my development parts & a bunch of prints via E-abay too for customers...

    Through these...
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