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tevo tarantula pro

  • xyzirl
    started a topic Tevo Tarantula pro problems

    Tevo Tarantula pro problems

    Got two problems with the printer right now.
    the filament feed is very unreliable. it frequently tears the filament apart such that it will no longer feed.
    this later caused a clog that I took apart the volcano hot end to fix. after reassembly i noticed that the end temp was -14C this was easily fixed by adjusting a screw I over torqued. but now when heating if the heat goes above ~50C it will shut down and restart the boot process repeatedly until the hot end cools down.

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  • ozz4evr2
    started a topic Auto bed leveling

    Auto bed leveling

    Good morning all! II am new to using a forum so please forgive me if I'm in the wrong area. I really need help with an aftermarket BL Touch probe I installed on my Tevo Tarantula pro. eEverything seems to be in working order. After bed leveling, as soon as I start to print, the nozzle if about 5 mm away from the print surface. I have tried everything I know to adjust in the firmware, but apparently I'm missing something!! PLEASE HELP,...
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  • ozz4evr2
    started a topic Hello form Arizona!

    Hello form Arizona!

    My name is Joe, and I am extremely new to the world of 3D printing! The first printer I decided to buy is a Tevo Tarantula pro. It is a kit that I had to build from scratch. I chose to build a printer from scratch so I could learn the inner workings a 3D printer. Unfortunately I am having some issues with a BL touch auto bed leveling probe, which has led me here. This is the first forum I have ever been a part of, but am at my wits end and don't know where else to turn....
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