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prusa i3 hephestos

  • Prusa i3 Hephestos Heatbed SUDDENLY stopped working

    Hi everyone,

    So i'm running a Prusa i3 Hephestos 3D printer with RAMPS 1.4. I recently added a Mk. 2a heatbed. I did this by setting up a high current power supply, updated the firmware and hooked up the heatbed and thermistor wires to the D8 pins. And it worked!

    It worked really well up until today. The current and target temperatures are still being reported but the heatbed is just not recieving any power. Here's what I know so far:
    - The heatbed is not faulty...
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  • Cobra
    started a topic Issues with Heating Bed on i3 Prusa Hephestos

    Issues with Heating Bed on i3 Prusa Hephestos


    I am having some strange issues with my self built i3 prusa Hephestos:
    We used to have an older printer with a heatbed (Mk2A) that we reused for the newly bought i3 prusa hephestos kit.
    Now we connected everything to the board according to the manual and configured the firmware properly for it to work.

    When we start up Repetier host we see the heatbed connected and also can heat it.
    However it seems that always after a certain time the error...
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  • rafetalay
    started a topic Need Help: Prusa i3 Hephestos noob

    Prusa i3 Hephestos noob

    Hello everyone,

    Go to the point, I purchased a guy improved Prusa i3 hephestos, with high resolution LCD, capacitive sensor, and insulating case, and in theory was plug and print, but when I had to start printing failed sensor z axis.
    My first mistake, decide to modify the firmware, resetting all inclusive lcd that stopped working .... over had never touched a printer and the guy does not have the modified firmware.

    The question that I have almost everything...
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  • Need help ,z Axe don 't Move After stop Print Prusa i3 hephestos

    Hello i need help my z Axe don t move. I made a new update and Print some. I stoped it and than at that Moment the z axe dont Move . I have upload a Video about That
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  • bq Prusa i3 Hephestos - heated bed upgrade not working

    Hi - posting in a separate thread although similar issue to the previous posting.

    Purchased the heated bed and power supply upgrades from so I assume that they are kosher upgrades.

    Power supply seems fine, but the heated bed won't warm up at all.

    The bed is definitely functional, but does not get switched on by the printer (no voltage at D8). If I briefly short out the pins of the MOSFET then the bed starts heating, but I'm not sure whether...
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  • john.rask
    started a topic The librarian

    The librarian


    Im a librarian from Denmark messing with 3d printers: My first was a build it Yourselves Prusa i3 with a Prntrboard controller it never came up running. Then I ordered a M3D on Kickstarter and tired of waiting for it I bought a Hephestos Prusa I3 which works just perfect. Im still waiting for the M3D, and while I wait for the M3D, Im rebuilding the first one with RAMPS, a Full Graphics display, bowden driver and a bowden extruder of my own design..
    You can see it here: ...
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  • Mansell8
    started a topic Printing ABS

    Printing ABS

    Hi everyone ive got the BQ Hephestos prusa i3 with a heated bed, I want to try printing ABS, how do I get the bed upto the correct temp for abs it takes nearly an hour to reach 62° then seems to stop there any pointers please. Thanks
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  • We are not too sure of the prusa i3 hephestos set up but it is easy to add a heated bed to a Prusa i3. Any issues you have will be down to the power unit that is used to power the print board, whether the print board has space for it and the type of firmware running on the print board.

    If the prusa i3 hephestos has a standard ramps board set up there is a line in to an 11A circuit that the heated bed will run off. Just look up MK 2 or Mk 3 heated beds, they are very standard.
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  • Raptorfx
    replied to Ready to Buy
    You should take a look at BQ's I3 Hephestos ( Tho not sure how easily that can be sourced in Australia as they are based in Spain.
    I have built my I3 Hephesots myself, parts from China and printed the rest with my printrbot. But I have 2 friedns who have the BQ Kit and they are all happy with it. Not too expensive and the prints are looking very nice.
    No experience with other I3 based printers on my side tho ...
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  • lollo11113
    started a topic Need help, heatbed not heating

    Need help, heatbed not heating

    Hi everybody,

    I've just bought an heatbed for my Prusa i3 Hephestos. I've plugged the thermistor and I've flashed the correct firmware. The problem is that the current doesn't flow from the D8 port (I've tested it with a multimeter), so the heatbed won't heat. I'm sure that is not a problem of thermistor because the LCD shows the correct temp for the heatbed.

    Thanks in advance,
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  • andre
    started a topic Hello everyone! !!

    Hello everyone! !!

    Hi I'm andre I have 26 years old portuguese.
    At the moment I'm living and working in Hinckley UK in portugal I have a hephestos prusa i3 and here I buy a prusa i3 from ebay it still didn't come maybe next Monday I will start assembly my machine.
    Two projects i have in mind to start are building a cnc drilling machine with 4 axis and dpl printer for very small pieces
    Thanks everyone
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  • Problems compiling Marlin for RepRap Discount Full graphic lcd controler

    Hi to all.

    I've aquired a RepRap Full graphics LCD Controller for my BQ prusa I3 Hephestos

    As the printer firmware is opensource i went to the github repository and downloaded it, everything ok untill then.

    Next placed the correct files for my printer on the marlin directory (BQ has 3 types, Whitbox, Prusa i3 normal size and Prusa I3 XL 200x300mm) mine is the XL version.
    Next went to the configuration.h file and commented the line for the normal...
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  • john.rask
    started a topic Extruder Concept

    Extruder Concept

    I have been printing since march and my first working printer was a bq Prusa i3 Hephestos which is working just fine, but a couple of years ago I bought the parts for a Prusa i3, which I never have got running. - So now Im trying to optimize this i3 with new parts:
    The way the extruder was connected to the y axis, was in my eyes too clumsy when You look at it with aesthetic eyes - the fff tecnology has developed so much the last years, so I think its time to work a little on making elegant...
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  • john.rask
    started a topic From hex to something I can edit

    From hex to something I can edit

    From this address You can download version 4.2.1 of the firmware for Prusa I3 Hephestos, but it is in HEX format But I have to edit it, to make my heatbed and full graphics display work on my printer..

    How do I edit the HEX file!?
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  • Hi,

    I also have built 2 Prusa i3 Hephestos printer, and sourced all the parts myself (Shared it here
    Most of the parts came directly from China. So Bangood and AliExpress. The Hotend is from E3D from the UK. The smooth and threaded rods came from a local shop (
    The Aluminium Plates have also been sourced locally, including the screws. The BOM was at around EUR 370 per Printer (~...
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