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prusa mendel i2

  • fulltilt
    replied to PROJECT: Scanning, Editing & 3-D Printing
    G´d day Bill,

    to be honest, you have to change the way, how you work out solutions for your problems, in these days.
    i completely changed the workflow in my brain, from finding manual solutions for my projects to 3d designing.
    Nowadays, i just think about a problem and i can already see the finished part in my imagination.
    30-60minutes in autodesk inventor fusion. 180mins in the printer and the part is finished ;-)
    awesome workflow.
    I started printing...
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  • Marian
    started a topic Enquiry re model of 3D printer

    Enquiry re model of 3D printer


    I am new to this forum and must confess I do not know anything about 3D printers but I have one. My husband bought one in 2016, sadly he passed away without having the chance of opening the delivery box. I would now like to sell it but unfortunately I don't know the model. I am hoping someone out there might be able to help. The following is what's written on the box.

    Prusa Mendel I2
    Prusa Mendel I3

    Acrylic (Black)
    Acrylic (Transparent)...
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  • normj02
    replied to Enquiry re model of 3D printer
    If you google Prusa Mendel I2 or I3 you should be able to find what it is. It at least should give you a rough idea of what you have. Sorry for your loss.
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  • Asaku
    started a topic Cooling... Am I doing it right?

    Cooling... Am I doing it right?

    Hi guys. I'm fairly new to 3d printing and today I've just installed my first active cooling for the nozzle.
    Now, I'm by no means an expert but I had to deal with some jamming once and I really want to avoid it as much as possible.

    Here are some pics of my extruder setup:

    My printer is based on the Mendel Prusa i2. I'm using a Wade with a 3mm j-head and 0.30-0.35mm nozzle. I'm mainly printing PLA.

    So, what do you guys think?...
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  • feare56
    started a topic PS3 laptop

    PS3 laptop

    Hey everyone! I recently got my prusa Mendel i2 to where it prints pretty good and just happened to think of a project I can do with my old ps3.

    What does this plan to achieve? Well a portable console of course but there is a little more. My ps3 as it is has an overheating issue with the top on. However it will play fine with the top cover off. So this laptop will aim to eliminate this.

    Need to get myself some calipers before I start designing. I know it's not the first...
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  • feare56
    started a topic Gen6 board

    Gen6 board

    Sorry if this is wrong section, move if needed!

    I traded for a prusa mendel i2 a while ago and it came with a gen6 board. I've been trying to flash the firmware but kept getting errors. I googled the error and said it could be a driver issue. When I pull up device manager it shows it as a USB serial port. Is there a driver I can download for the board?
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  • PseudoXenon
    started a topic Thread was being aborted?????

    Thread was being aborted?????

    so first post, hoping someone here can help. So my problem is when I tell my hot end to heat, it gets to the set temperature and then the printer disconnects.
    I am running Prusa mendel I2, Marlin firmware, repetier host and my board is:

    Any idea or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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  • PseudoXenon
    started a topic Hellu Everybody!!!!!

    Hellu Everybody!!!!!

    Good Evening people,

    I'm Brendon, 20 from aus. 3rd IT student. I have been printing for a few years now. I run a prusa mendel I2, so a bit old school. seem to always have some form of trouble with it, but I love the challenge and I love the industry!!!

    Regards Brendon (PseudoXenon)
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