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prusa mk3s

  • jsvens
    started a topic Prusa MK3S clone crash in Y-axxis

    Prusa MK3S clone crash in Y-axxis


    I bought a Prusa MK3S clone from China.

    The calibration works fine, but when a printout is executed it crashes in the y direction.
    The belt tension display is also incorrect.
    My only conclusion must be that the clone uses the "Blurolls" stepper motors which has a need for a higher current setting.
    I tried to recompile the firmware with a higher current setting, but then the calibration fails by saying that the y-axis path is incorrect....
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  • 3dgreg
    started a topic Just ordered a Prusa i3 MK3S kit!

    Just ordered a Prusa i3 MK3S kit!

    I hope there is a support group here when it arrives. My Flashforge finder is giving me extreme over temperature problems that I can't get any support for.
    Anyone out there familiar with Prusa printers?
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  • MadeBye
    replied to Need Help: Dremel Digilab 3D45
    I second the post above with a Prusa. If you're willing to invest 1000-1500 I would have to go Prusa Mk3s (1000 assembled/750 kit) and a multi material unit (300 kit) for multi color or just stay single color and go. I have three 3d printers, and If I had known what I know now in the beginning, I'd have 1 prusa mk3-mk3s.
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  • AlexP
    started a topic Prusa help!

    Prusa help!

    Hi all,

    I am about as green as it gets when it comes to 3D printing.. I just finished assembling my Prusa MK3s and cannot pass selftest. It’s failing on the x axis, only it passes on the xyz calibration? I have adjusted belts, wiring harnesses and greased rods.. nothing has helped. I’m dead in the water here and could really use some guidance. Please help. Thank you.
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  • If you don't mind a long wait time, AND paying excessive shipping charges, AND you are not planning on ever upgrading anything, then the Prusa MK3S is your printer.

    Warning for US customers: If your order exceeds $800 (with shipping) you may be charged with customs duties.

    If you plan to upgrade from time to time, AND you want to save lots of money but also want to have the printer now (instead of waiting a long time for it) then the Creality CR-10S is the best way to go....
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  • cwbullet
    replied to Need Help: Dremel Digilab 3D45
    I have 3 Prusa Mk3S and 1 Prusa Mini. I have happy with them all. I own two Crealitys and two Anycubics.

    I am not happy with the Creality Ender-3, but the Ender-3 V2 looks promising. I have pretty happy with my Creality CR-10S Pro.

    My Anycubic Predator and Anycubic Chiron are not bad. I would choose the Chiron of the two if I have to choose again.

    Buy a printer you can afford. I would recommend the Prusa over all others. It is a Cadillac or Mercedes...
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  • Urffer
    started a topic New Prusa user printing TPU

    New Prusa user printing TPU

    Hi all from New Zealand. I'm learning to use my new MK3S and have been trying to print Flexfill 98A for the last few days. The printer lays down a perfect track to start and prints for about 2 minutes and then the extruder motor starts cogging which I'm assuming is due to a blocked nozzle (it is very difficult to extract!). I have tried many of the suggestions like hotter, colder, slower, new nozzle but it is always the same ending in more or less time. I have tried reducing the tractor gear tension...
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  • Belvis
    replied to hello at all
    max tamp 250
    max bed temp 120
    can print ASA?
    Actually I was already evaluating Prusa MK3S + MMU2S, but I had rejected it because I don't know the reliability of the MMU2S system and because it was open. Doing research on the internet I saw that Josef Prusa himself recommends 2 methods to close his printer, one is the self-construction of the closure and the other is to use a photo studio tent, could the photo studio tent work well?
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  • jsvens
    started a topic Hi all

    Hi all

    My name is Johan and I live in Gothenburg Sweden.

    I have a lot of experince in 3D cad design both in Fusion and in Autocad.

    Recently I have also bought both an open build Workbee CNC router 1500x1000 mm and most recently I bought myself a Prusa MK3S clone while visiting China.

    The Prusa clone is the reason to why I entered this forum.

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  • AlexP
    started a topic Introduction


    Hello everyone! I’m a rookie in the 3D printing world and have not been able to print anything as of yet! I just finished building a Prusa I3 Mk3s and cannot get it to calibrate properly on the x axis. When I select the xyz calibration it goes off without a hitch. So only the X axis in self test mode. I have adjusted belts, bearings, and wiring harnesses. I have even greased the rods just in case. I’m at a total loss, can anyone help?
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  • Look at how many ALL IN ONE printers there are for sale. Not many. Why? A machine that kinda does it all never really does anything great. Think of a swiss army knife. In a pinch, or camping, its a great tool and I own a few, but you don't cut your steak dinner with it at the steakhouse. Finding a 3d printer that does food (needs to be food safe) does ceramic (think VERY high temperature) and is a 3d printer for fdm/fff also, your aiming way too high and your price is way way too low. The least...
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  • Prusa MK3S - It is Idiot proof....
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