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powerspec 3d pro

  • First time printer purchaser asking for advice and guidance

    I'm completely new to the world of 3d printers but have been doing research on the subject and have come to the point I really need to focus on what printer I should get and it's obvious I need some people with actual experience to give some advice and feedback.

    I'm looking for a printer to expand my hobby projects( mainly miniature war game related and prop making) along with making household repair parts. There will most likely bit of print jobbing for friends as well to pay for...
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  • RDS02Stang
    started a topic PowerSpec Ultra 3D Printer - Some Points

    PowerSpec Ultra 3D Printer - Some Points

    Hello All

    I recently bought a PowerSpec Ultra 3D Printer from my local MicroCenter - here are some points:

    • The overall build appears to be pretty solid.
    • The Touch Control Panel is easy to use and allows for full control of the printer.
    • The printer precise models, I tested on multiple test models and they all measured out accurately.
    • I have yet to test the filament extrusion problem reported with the PowerSpec pro.

    • As before,
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  • PowerSpec 3D pro review: Good printer. Some warts though


    This is a review of my recently purchased Powerspec Pro 3D printer. I’m an experienced programmer, electronics geek, and painter but new to 3D printing. As a programmer it’s part of my job to find faults but I’ll try to keep this a balanced review.


    I found the actual printer itself to be a good deal for the price. The support of the device was poor and the manufacturer’s fulfillment unprofessional. One of the first issues...
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  • powerspec pro i replaced board with geeetech mightyboard no motors work now

    Hi ive had this powerspec pro 3d printer sitting for like 3 years broken. im finally getting to it. Ive replaced the board with a geeetech mighty board.and thats where i got stuck and couldn't get past it. Now Ive gotten the heat bed to heat up and the extruder to heat up (i only have one hooked up right now). now i cant get any stepper motors to move and it doesn't register on my PC. can anyone help. I literally paid a thousand dollars printed 5 things and it overheated then it sat for the past...
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  • Dan20129
    started a topic powerspec pro 3d printer mighty board rev g

    powerspec pro 3d printer mighty board rev g

    I replaced the main board for overheating with a mighty board rev g. I need to know if the other parts are not compatible or if the wiring is different cause nothings working but the LCD thanks
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  • Hello, I’m new to the forum but not printing.


    I am new to the forum but not to printing. I have owned several printers over the last 5 years. Including 2X Reprap Guru Prusa i3 v2, 3X ANET A8’s, 2X Flsun 3D cubes, and a PowerSpec ultra pro 2 dual extruder printer. The powerspec is the only one I did not build myself. I have also built several printers for friends of mine. I have some questions on settings for the PowerSpec printer.
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  • 3worlds
    started a topic Another newbie

    Another newbie

    Hello everyone. I am new to 3d printing and the idea, really. I started watching videos less than a year ago, and before that never even really heard of it. For the winter holiday I purchased the powerspec pro dual. Good deal for the holidays. I have had good luck and am self teaching as I go. I am now starting to produces mods for my bot like active cooling fan and duct. I hope in the future I can have enough knowledge to help someone on here cause Lord knows yall are gonna be helping me. Chee...
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  • Learning work flow to make a print - No plastic extrudes for some parts

    Good evening,
    I'm new to 3d printing and need some advice.

    I've purchased a Powerspec 3D pro. The test objects provided with the printer print.
    My first home made object prints. The second and third objects I created extrude no plastic.

    I'm using Inland brand white PLA (1.75mm measured with a cheap micrometer)

    The second part, a set of steps for a miniature scenery project, was designed in 3d studio max.
    I extruded and mesh edited...
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    started a topic Ready to take over the world!

    Ready to take over the world!

    Now that I have a 3d printer it should be simple!

    Just bought a Powerspec 3D pro. Which I believe is a clone of a clone of a replicator 2x.

    I've been surprised by just how time intensive it is. My printer wasn't calibrated even close.
    Since it's an open loop control system it's got to be adjusted correctly, by someone who doesn't know how, or it works poorly. Good thing I'm a glutton for punishment.

    I'm a professional programmer with a minor in...
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  • Makers of the 3D X Dual Extruder Printer and 3D Pro Printer.

  • Old common knowledge:
    * Side panels may be unscrewed.
    * Only 3 wing nuts because it's an upgraded glass bed.
    * Use the width of a post-it note between the platform and head so that it drags.
    * The printer should have already been ready-to-print out of the box without any adjustments. I bought mine in September 2014 and the distributor had already test-printed on it to verify functionality.
    * Please expand your reasoning for claiming the extruders only push...
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  • A powerspec 3d pro. I wrote up a review here

    I also forgot to mention I printed it with PLA...
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