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  • Daol900
    started a topic Pla/pla+ in pla only printer

    Pla/pla+ in pla only printer

    Recently got my first 3d printer, Dremel 3d40, really like it, ofc the recommend to use only dremels pla, but I'm going to try other brands anyway.
    from what I understand pla+, esilk pla etc, is just pla, with some additives, to change how strong it is, color, texture etc, now my question is, is it safe to use these other types of pla, in a printer that only prints in pla? Or should I expect more wear on the nozzle, clogging etc?
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  • nheather
    started a topic PLA Snapping - Advice
    in Anet

    PLA Snapping - Advice

    I've finally got round to completing my Anet A8 which has been on the shelf for some months. Test prints are okay - hoping to improve upon them.

    But already I have encountered two PLA breaks where it snaps inside the extruder. The first was my fault, I'd left the PLA in the nozzle nut needed to remove it to do some maintenance work on the printer so not knowing any better I just pulled and it eventually came out. Little did I know that it had actually snapped inside.

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  • Redeem Your 10% off Vouchers for Tangle Free PLA Filament All 7 Colors

    Hi all

    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to offer you RepRapper quality 3D filament, and our Discount Codes & Coupons were given below:

    RepRapper White PLA
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    RepRapper Yellow PLA...
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  • kad
    started a topic Tough PLA on JR

    Tough PLA on JR

    Has anyone been able to successfully use the Tough PLA on a JR? I bought a spool and I cannot get it to feed correctly. No matter what I do it stops feeding within the first few layers. The feed mechanism is running and I do NOT have this problem with regular PLA. It's almost as if there is a soft spot in the filament and the feed rollers just grind it away and stop feeding. (Pulling the filament out afterwards confirms that this is what happened)

    I've tried:
    -both XYZWare and...
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  • NorbertD
    started a topic MakeShaper PLA Filament Review

    MakeShaper PLA Filament Review

    I'm not a big review person but I did promise to the MakeShaper guys that I would do one when I purchased my PLA from them a while back and well, here it is.

    I had made a purchase on the MakeShaper site with the 10% discount on the first order special that they have advertised on this site and while there was a problem with the coupon at first, a quick message the the MakeShaper team soon remedied that. I am new to 3D printing with only just under 4 months of designing and printing...
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  • Professional Engineering grade PLA PRinters?

    Hello everyone. New to the forum, so please be kind in correcting any errors!

    Anyway, I am looking for a printer for rapid prototyping in an engineering setting. I work for the US Air Force as a civilian engineer, designing various equipment to make the troops job easier. We already have a 3D printer here (Dimension SST 1200ES by Stratasys), but we have a few issues with it. Another office in the Air Force offered to purchase a new one for us, so now we are looking for a good printer...
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  • Mike00
    started a topic gluing/fusing pla parts

    gluing/fusing pla parts

    Hello, I've been printing for about a month now. I mostly print simple mechanical devices. I am wondering, what is the best option to glue/fuse/chemical-weld pla parts together?
    I have tried crazy glues, some that make a lot of white and don't hold at all, and others that seem to bond but don't hold up.
    I know people use chemicals for abs that actually fuse the material together. Can anyone tell me of a product that would work similarly on pla?
    Also I was considering trying jb-weld,...
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  • James😎
    started a topic Clumping pla 1.75 prints

    Clumping pla 1.75 prints

    My pla prints on my creatality CR-10 keep on clumping pla on my prints how do I stop random lumps of pla on my prints?...
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  • Imagios
    started a topic Least toxic PLA manufacturer

    Least toxic PLA manufacturer

    I got seriously concerned about emisions during printing, I know PLA should be the least toxic filament, but this may really vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Even PLA emits during prints millions of particles per minute. I have kids and don't own a space with a dedicated workshop, so I have to print indoors, seriously considering getting a enclosure with HEPA filters. Still, do you know what manufacturer makes PLA that is without dangerous components, be it color additive, or...
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    started a topic Anycubic Disaster ABS,PLA, PETG!

    Anycubic Disaster ABS,PLA, PETG!

    Hi I was printing great for 2 months wiht ABS, PLA and PETG and then I cant seem to be able to print anything. First I tried printing PETG and the model came out brittle like sponge. I changed to PLA and ABS the same thing. Thought it was due to moisture, I dried the filament, same thing. Cleared the nozzle nothing. Tried different settings nothing.
    It prints the first couple of layers and then the subsequent layers seem to be burned up.The whole model turned out soft, like sponge and dissolves...
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  • New to 3D printing, Creality Ender 5 Pro - issue with Preheat PLA

    Set it up and all seems right. When I hit Preheat PLA, or any other preheat, the printer blinks like there is a small power surge and restarts the main monitor. The troubleshooting guide states I need to reconnect the wires, which I double checked along with being sure they are connected as they should. Please advise! I’m a little over my head. Yes, I’ve emailed Creality tech support but with a long weekend, it may take a while. TIA!!
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  • Is it possible FDM-PLA parts stronger* than Injected Moulding?

    I've come across with some research showing stronger PLA-FDM parts under tensile and compression stress in longitudinal and transverse directions than Injected Moulding of the same material, as showed in Measurements of the mechanical response of unidirectional 3Dprinted, SONG 2017 (see attached image)

    And the conclusion of the reseach states that :

    "3D-printed PLA is tougher than injection-moulded PLA. This is due to the layered
    and filamentous nature of the
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  • wellsmic
    started a topic PTEG vs PLA

    PTEG vs PLA

    So was having a Grab Bag Sale. Basically 4 rolls, on most of their stock, for $15 each. So i got 4 rolls and ordered 2 PLA and 2 of their Crystal PLA (Translucent). They got to choose the colors for me. The colors that came were great however the Crystal PLA was actually Crystal PTEG. So with my crappy Chinese i3 Clone that I print on I am not sure how to calibrate it for PTEG.

    Does anyone have a run down on the differences between PTEG and PLA so that I can adjust...
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  • Boiling water and pla plastic, and hello from Russia :)

    One day I got this crazy idea to print a thermos using PLA plastic that will not deform and will hold hot coffee or tea. Some time ago I saw a post about a PLA cup that bends and softens when you pour hot drinks into it. Keeping this in mind I decided to design a thermos-like mug with thick walls, basically it’s 2 walls and a little gap between them. My idea was that besides the hot liquid nothing will be pressuring the inner walls because of the air between the walls, the outer walls will not...
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  • bbrod
    started a topic Anet A8 burnt PLA and print quality
    in Anet

    Anet A8 burnt PLA and print quality

    Hi im new to 3d printing, ive printed a couple of small things in my anet a8, successfully printed a benchie, and extruder button and other stuff with the white filament the printer came with. but when i bought an esun gray PLA, im having a hard time printing as there are burnt brown parts in the print.
    What am i doing wrong? My setting are Layer height 0.1, Shell thickness 1.1, Print speed 65, Nozzle temp 190, Bed temp 85, Platform adhesion- Brim.
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