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  • rogue
    started a topic CR-10S Pro V2 3D Printer vs OCTOPRINT

    CR-10S Pro V2 3D Printer vs OCTOPRINT

    hi all, just purchased this machine, it is first creality printer i never owned this brand before.
    it prints excellent

    but i have problems,

    all my other machines have octoprint installed, as i think that this is a basic and most powerful upgrade to any 3d printer, now i have next problems:
    -when i click connect in octo print, the machine makes a sound like when it is powering on, and Y and X axses go in the wrong direction without stop until steppers start making...
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  • Tihsho
    started a topic CR10S Pro Issues with Latest Cura w/ OctoPrint

    CR10S Pro Issues with Latest Cura w/ OctoPrint

    Hey everyone!

    I've been running my Creality CR10S Pro with Cura and OctoPrint for coming up to two years. During this time I held off upgrading Ultimaker Cura because "it just worked". With my security mindset kicking in I decided to upgrade Cura to the latest version last week and I've run into a big problem. Since the upgrade the homing process sent after slicing from Cura has tried to go past the boundaries on the Y-axis. When it tries to home past it, it obviously causes...
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  • How to Use the OctoPrint App on Android (Video)

    Hey all,

    I made the video below, please let me know what you think and if it's helpful!

    It's a walkthrough on the OctoPrint app for android, which is a free app, you can use alongside octoprint for your 3d printer. A very useful App!


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  • your octoprint was built for a specific version of marlin firmware for the CR-10S pro. maybe you grabbed the wrong one and have it set for a CR-10 not CR-10S pro. this bed homing in the wrong direction is telling me exactly what the problem is. this happens when you grab the wrong marlin config or the wrong firmware. since you are using octoprint, it assumes a different firmware or a different board with the stepper motor headers reversed. you can swap the board, swap the firmware, or fix the settings...
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  • AndrewBougie
    started a topic OctoPrint - Awesome!

    OctoPrint - Awesome!

    I installed this yesterday on an original Raspberry Pi for use with my Simple Metal. Less than hours start to finish and I was printing my first file. This was with zero research into how to install and setup. Really fast install and really easy to use. Loving the features, control, and the fact that I just turned my little Printrbot into a networked printer. The real-time status is awesome as well.

    My install is fully functional, but anyone have any cool tips or tricks I should try...
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  • MadeBye
    started a topic Hi everybody!

    Hi everybody!

    I'm new to the forum and thought id say hello, so hi. I'm here for 3d printing just like everybody else. I have three 3d printers that have all been upgraded. I have a cubepro I converted with a duet wifi board, heated bed, and an e3dv6 that's printing petg mostly. Second is an ender 3 running octoprint on klipper firmware with an e3dv6, capircorn tube, and a modded extruder that prints tpu but most times its printing petg too. Last an anycubic linear plus delta running octoprint on klipper firmware...
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  • New Member from Southern California area

    Good Afternoon. I just took the plunge into the 3D printing world and just pressed the buy button on a Creality CR-10 V2. I was not able to purchase from the approved original Creality site as these were out of stock so took a chance on a re-seller site that has been controversial just because some people that have ordered from this site have had issues but I just could not find one from a (what seems to be) authorized sites. Some people have not had issues with the aforementioned site and some...
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  • Graham1910
    started a topic Xvico x3 Pro Question

    Xvico x3 Pro Question

    Hi everyone,
    i’m new here and to 3D printing in general. I purchased the Xvico X3 Pro about a month ago, and I’ve been getting on well with it. I have upgraded a few parts and have been having a bit of fun tinkering with it! Now I’m looking at Octoprint so obviously I am going to need to get a Raspberry Pi, thing is, my printer does not have a USB port so as far as I can see I have no way of connecting the Pi to my printer. Can anybody please tell me, is my only option to...
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  • ErikLtz
    replied to CR-10S Pro V2 3D Printer vs OCTOPRINT
    Could the latest printer firmware change anything? Or not important with OctoPrint?

    Info on the Pro V2 seem scarse, but maybe most settings are identical to Pro "V1" except the improvements? Does Cura work with the Pro "V1" printer profile - or any tweaks necessary there?
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  • Creality 3 print shifting after Bltouch install

    my print quality has always been great and overall love the printer. I recently installed a bltouch so I would have auto bed leveling. first two prints after the upgrade and both have the same print shift issue. the shift is at different heights on the print, but same effect.

    I am using the prusa slicer, and octoprint. the only change to the system is the bltouch and of course the firmware update. i can post pics if needed but i assume everyone has seen this issue plenty of times....
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  • lots of scams in this thread. they are not apple support. they are scammers from india. watch out. mods should clean this up and BAN bots. do not give them your phone number, email, credit card. it is a scam.

    you can sideload debian onto a chromebook but they are not open from the factory. you could brick your chromebook trying to load linux. use the duet3d with the web interface or use pi + klipper + octoprint for a web interface. you can not use cura on a chromebook as far as I know....
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  • Hawkeyetim
    started a topic Bed Leveling but with no Z axis movement
    in Anet

    Bed Leveling but with no Z axis movement


    I was happily printing was my A8 since Xmas then (foolishly) I decide to upgrade to a BL Touch and every since I've had problem after problem, the latest issue I've been struggling with for the last week or two is that I'm correctly creating a mesh (i think) but when I try to print I would have expected the Z axis to move very slightly as its laying down each layer but no movement is seen and the print is never level across the bed. Below is a list on things I've checked or setu...
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  • Susanne Adam
    replied to Extruder tool
    You can use this software marlin firmware and pronterface initially. And also alternatively you can go for Octoprint or Astroprint to do it semi-remotely.
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  • DaveTech204
    replied to Massive jam
    Are you printing directly from Cura 4.1, OctoPrint or from the SD card?...
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  • dotnetrob
    started a topic Soon to be 3D printaholic

    Soon to be 3D printaholic

    Just bought my first 3D printer, Ender 3. Using tinkercad and freecad, with cura for a slicer. Ender 3 is stock except for filament guides I printed and just added a octoprint. Have bootloader coming soon, so I can replace bios. Also have a EZABL Kit on the way for auto bed leveling.

    So far has been alot of fun and can't wait until I learn more and can print some quality items.
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