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  • taratata
    started a topic SSR-40DA with heater 220v

    SSR-40DA with heater 220v

    here is the connection I made

    I launched repetier-host then m303 E-1 S90 C8. The temperature stagnates at 27.2 ° C.
    I found that the fuse of IEC 320 C14 10A burnt
    I do not know electricity. I think it's a power surge problem.

    Is the cabling scheme wrong?
    Is the fuse undersized?

    The breakers in the house are 16A. As I live in thailand, there is no third ground wire.

    ===== MArlin ===========

    //================================================== =========================...
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  • You need to calibrate all your stepper motors and you need to know what firmware you have such as repetier or marlin or ?? you can find that under printer info on repetier screen. Go to manual control repetier host and type M205 in the box <enter> a long display will appear in the log (disable autoscroll) this is a list of all your settings. You have to scroll up/down to find X Y Z steps/mm and write it down (EPR :3 11 160.0000 Z Axis steps/mm) key numbers are 11 and 160 yours may be different...
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  • mikewhy
    started a topic Greetings


    I had resisted the first few waves of hype. The recent flood of Cetus vids on YouTube finally got me last week. I had a day or two of remorse after buying their $400 package on impulse. It connects well only to my Windows 7 box, and their proprietary software won't even run on my wife's Windows 10 laptop. It drops it's WiFi connection often, leaving only USB usable.

    I was somewhat down the path of keeping only the structure and mechanicals, thinking to replace the electronics...
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  • wellsmic
    replied to Help please
    I found 2 sections in my marlin that it could be. First here where it talks about max power to the bed. Check your settings and adjust as necessary. Second is at the bottom where it talks about preheat preset temperatures. Double check these to ensure they are what you want.

    // Bed Temperature Control
    // Select PID or bang-bang with PIDTEMPBED. If bang-bang, BED_LIMIT_SWITCHING will enable hysteresis
    // Uncomment this to enable PID on the bed. It uses...
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  • Marlin successfully calibrated on ultimaker clone but not responding when printing

    Hi All,

    I'm building my first 3d printer following this design.

    So far i have found very useful tips over here, but now it seems i'm really overlooking something.

    I have installed a rumba board, blown a couple of stepper drivers and replaced them, connected everything the right way this time (i think) and all seems to be good;
    - With pronterface i can move every axis, and I believe it is now all moving in the correct direction.
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  • tripy
    replied to Hello everyone
    I will, once I have a clearer idea of what I'm trying to do.
    My first goal is to replace the hotend with an e3d, but I need to adapt quit a bit of the printer, and to find how to flash Malrin on the melzi board.

    All me tries until now ended up with a "not in sync" error.
    Sketch uses 113,162 bytes (87%) of program storage space. Maximum is 130,048 bytes.
    Global variables use 4,263 bytes (26%) of dynamic memory, leaving 12,121 bytes for local
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  • Presentation Alligator Board... a new RepRap Electronics

    Hello everyone,

    after one year of ideas, projects and work, we present our contribution to the community, the "Alligator Board".
    The project Alligator is a project born in the more complex 3DArtists that working together with the team of Delta-RepRap tip
    to advance the free community of 3D printing.
    It all started about one year ago, both on the forum and at the Maker Faire, where we realized that on the electronics
    yet there was not a complete...
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  • brunos31
    started a topic Marlin 1.1.7 problem auto leveling

    Marlin 1.1.7 problem auto leveling

    Hello everybody,

    I start to create a printer 3D, and I have some diffulty to configure marlin. A lot of tutorial are available, but not with the new version of Marlin. And for me it's my first time to learn this file, so it's difficult to find the right source.

    So, when I configure the Marlin to add auto bed leveling, during the compilation this message appear:

    "#error "Enable only one option: Z_MIN_PROBE_ENDSTOP or Z_MIN_PROBE_USES_Z_MIN_ENDSTOP_PIN.""...
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  • Inventor
    started a topic Firmware issues

    Firmware issues

    I've had a problem with my models being stretched vertically about 50%, It's a firmware problem, and I've just about solved it, but now I run into this error, and I can't figure out what it wants me to do:

    This report would have more information with
    "Show verbose output during compilation"
    enabled in File > Preferences.
    Arduino: 1.0.5-r2 (Windows 7), Board: "[usbtinyisp]AT90USB1286"
    In file included from cardreader.cpp:1:...
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  • Poseidon2002
    replied to Print starts 20mm above bed
    So I couldn’t sleep, I had cracked it and was going to reconfigure back to old 1.0 marlin. Then I realised Thomas Sanladerer did a 7 part prusa live build with most software configuration shown. So I’m back to 1.1.8 Marlin. Now I know 100% what my problem is now. My z offset isn’t working, I’ve tried everything it’s now only-0.7 offset.
    Even when I put my startup gcode to G1 Z-0.7, as son as it goes to print it starts at Z0.2 for layer height obviously. I can’t find a work around...
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  • Poseidon2002
    replied to Print starts 20mm above bed
    So in my configuration.h my z offset is -1.7. However as you can see from the gcode it’s requesting z0. So yeah it’s better than before, however I’m not getting the offset, is that because marlin will not allow it to travel past 0? Do I need to set z offset in (I’d say Cura, however Cura crashes every time I use it , tried 3.2, & 3.0 ) so in slic3r I can set z offset and see if it sends the g code to correct this issue? Any ideas, I’m going to try it in the slic3r if I don’t hear...
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