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  • Makerbot did get back to me and they suggested that I check the settings (in 3.7) which deal with the material type (PLA vs ABS) on the off chance that one extruder might be set wrong. However, I did notice that nothing seemed "off".

    However, I am at a point where I want to get deeper into slicer settings since I have some old slicer settings from last year (before Makerware became Makerware Desktop). Playing a game of "what has changed?", here is one of the...
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  • Part 2

    Below are the standard settings for 3.7 (Makerware Desktop) - Standard Settings
       "_bot" : "replicator2x",
       "_extruders" : [ 0 ],
       "_materials" : [ "abs", "abs" ],
       "adjacentFillLeakyConnections" : false,
       "adjacentFillLeakyDistanceRatio" : 0,
       "anchorExtrusionAmount" : 5.0,
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  • 3DMarkt
    started a topic For Sale: Wanhao Duplicator 4S - 3D Markt

    Wanhao Duplicator 4S - 3D Markt

    2015 upgrade - New MK10 extruder[/CENTER]

    • 2 Free spools in the box
    • Dual Extruder
    • Heated Bed
    • 1 year warranty and European Service

    Introducing the latest addition of the Duplicator 4 series, Wanhao Duplicator 4S. Through its explicit structure and technological upgrade, the Duplicator 4S is a one of a kind 3D Printer, which combines efficiency and top quality to ensure the ultimate...
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  • RichK
    started a topic skirts in Makerware 2.4?

    skirts in Makerware 2.4?

    I recently bought a CTC Bizer dual extruder printer, which is basically a clone of the Makerbot Replicator Dual. SO far I have had the best luck using an older version of Makerware (2.4.1), but I was wondering if it is possible to generate skirts with it. I see rafts as an option, but I have not had much luck with them. I have used skirts with my other printer (Mendel90) and had good luck with them, but my favorite slicer programs, Slic3r and Cura, don't generate the .X3G code format the Bizer/Makerbot...
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  • We are still using Makerware-2.4 and original firmware (that came with printer).
    After we learned where everything was Hidden in 2.4 we now have Great prints
    and can make all adjustments and Modifications to .stl files that are needed.
    (later versions of Slicers are easier to use but Not completely compatible with firmware)

    So, after also adding a few mechanical modifications, we are now very Happy with the printer.
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  • GrantB
    started a topic CTC 2.4 software - any one mail me it ??

    CTC 2.4 software - any one mail me it ??

    CTC Makerware 2.4 software.... My CTC came with a Memory card, but all the files on it were corrupted... and/or in Chinese - no use to me Chinese..

    I decided not to strip this one for parts... but to actually use it !!
    The MakerBot downloads don't work, as their software wont hook up to the CTC printer via a USB lead... as their software is specifically looking for a Genuine MakerBot... and the CTC is a rip-off device.

    I want to open the Makerware software package,...
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  • GrantB
    replied to My month with my CTC
    Hi Husky..
    OK, help me out here plz...

    Pillow blocks ?
    Stabilizer for X axis ?
    Unaware of either of these, please explain...
    Any chance you could Private mail me some images of these bits ?

    I have only ever run this single CTC unit, previous ones have simply been striped for parts lol
    It's got replaced extruder units with a lever arm on each extruder, glass bed...
    I need to get a copy of the 2.4 Makerware, as the supplied cards I get...
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  • Well I uninstalled the 3.7 version of Makerware and tried to install version 2.4,
    When I tried to run it I got a message that 'Background Service' is unavailable.
    there's a search option for that in menu but it could Not be found. !

    Looked online and found that 'Background-service' is called 'Conveyor'
    and Conveyor is what was preventing Replicator-G from working

    I uninstalled Makerware again and found that Replicator-G Now Worked
    No problems...
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  • I just read this conversation, i don't know any solutions, but i did get some good knowledge!
    i also considered the Sailfish firmware, but first i will try what you've tried with different softwares.

    Do you recommend S3D?

    I have read a a comment in this forum taht says the Makerware 2.4 is the most optimal.

    - What i just wanted to say is that you're not the only one in this forum with a CTC printer
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  • I installed the older version of Makerware (2.4) on another computer and had no problems,
    That one has Windows-7, the first one has Windows-10.

    So, it's the newer 3.7 version that caused both problems, with purge-run and not letting other software access the USB-port.
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