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mks gen

  • dinomight
    started a topic mks tft sd card - mks gen l

    mks tft sd card - mks gen l

    Just got my first 3d printer (fl sun i3 dual extruder large print area w/touchscreen). Everything seems good and I like everything so far.

    My question to all is about the sdcard in the mks tft touchscreen. I can't get marlin (running on an mks gen l (which i think is ramps based)) to initialize the sdcard. I think i have figured out why but i need some suggestions.

    From what i can tell the mks tft touchscreen is actually a device in and of itself. It seems like it does...
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  • alealejandro
    started a topic FLSUN mainboard replacement

    FLSUN mainboard replacement

    Good morning,

    Im running SKR V1.1 with an MKS TFT3.2 inches display and this one is not communicating with the board, anything motor moves when using the display. The MKS TFT is configures the samewa as with the MKS gen L mainboard, with the same baudrate and selecting the correct firmware and the marlin firmware, compiled with PlatformIO, flashed with the same display settings as the original MKS gen L firmware, any ideas?

    Thanks in advanced
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  • Redbeard
    started a topic Ender 3 with MKS Gen L with TMC2208 drivers

    Ender 3 with MKS Gen L with TMC2208 drivers

    Hi all.
    I've installed a MKS GEN L on my Ender 3.
    I have two versions of the TMC2208 drivers. I have v1.0 with 2 pads and v1.2 with 3 pads.
    I have followed Michael @ TeachingTech's steps as per this video:

    The v1.2 drivers are working and I'm getting a response in Ocotprint when running the M122 command.
    However the v1.0 driver is showing 0's as below:
    Recv: Driver registers: X = 0xC0:0B:00:00Recv:...
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  • NEED HELP!!! wiring the "MakerBase MKS Gen-L V1.0 board" Flsun Kossel Delta

    This is the Board that came with my Flsun Kossel Delta Linear Version 3D printer kit. Now there are two fans that connect to a top acrylic plate that mounts to this board and two more fans that connect to the Extruder and I am confused on where they all go. The extruder fans are supposed to run continuously so where would I hook up the 4 fans and also the acrylic base this goes on CANNOT be mounted like it shows it's supposed to be in the manual. I purchased this kit off of "3D"...
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  • Endstops during MKS Gen 1.4 Conversion (2 pin connector on a 3 pin board)


    does anybody know what wires i use to connect the end stop to the new MKS Gen 1.4. It has got GND, +5V And Signal (Digital Pin "x").

    The old board was a wanhao stock mezli -

    Attached is a schematic of the new board i am installing later this week.

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  • cold_matter
    started a topic Internal connections on MKS-GEN V1.4

    Internal connections on MKS-GEN V1.4

    Does anyone here have experience with building their own 3D printer? I'm looking specifically for people who have used the MKS Gen V1.4 controller. I'm not planning to use it for printing, but a different project which requires stepper motor control and it seemed like a nice solution, but I will need to write my own firmware for it using the arduino ide.

    In order to do that, I need to know the internal connections - i.e. which pins on the Atmega 2560 are connected to which pins on the...
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  • rekmax3d
    started a topic MKS Gen 1.4 Board RGB LED Help

    MKS Gen 1.4 Board RGB LED Help

    I'm looking for help with the MKS Gen 1.4 Board.
    I just finished building the FT-5 from Folgertech.
    I'm trying to add in the RGB LED's to use them as print status lights.
    In the firmware I changed the PINS to be D11 (Red).. D6 (Green)...D5 (Blue)...D4 (White)..
    I also enabled the #define RGBW_LED on line 1502 in the stock FT-5 FW..
    I wired those 4 signal pins individually to a 4 channel Arduino relay control board.
    No matter what I do though, those 4 pins are...
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  • BraKra96
    started a topic Flashing Prusa i3 clone

    Flashing Prusa i3 clone

    So i'm pretty new to 3D printing in general, but i just upgraded to a used Prusa i3 clone with a MKS Gen 2Z V1.2 Board. i wanted to do some cable management and re-tune the printer with a new firmware. 2 days later and i'm trying to teach myself marlin code and getting nowhere. I've tried multiple config.h files with no luck so i resorted in editing the original marlin config.h file. Now the LCD screen is frozen and i can only control my printer through my PC. the only functions that work are x+,...
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  • Go to Tinlyds-Creations, you will find a tonnage of excellent parts Stocked in the UK with next day delivery & lots of help available.

    I recently got a MKS-Gen motherboard which will drive most things & a 40 amp power supply & was amazed at the prices.
    For electrical connection, there is a truck-load of good information of setting up & connecting the MKS-Gen motherboards.... They have the ramps board built in, just ensure you got...
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  • selva_tvi
    started a topic Sound in Z axis

    Sound in Z axis

    Hi all,
    We have made a 300x300 CoreXY. We made dual Z axis. Powered by 4kg Wantai motors.

    Marlin 1.9 used, 12mm shaft on both sides. Lead screw 8mm, with single start 2mm pitch.

    MKS gen 1.4 board with TMC 2208 is normal mode for all axis.

    Whenever the Z is moving down, we are getting a screeching sound. Unable to bear the sound. Used lubricants. Still no result.

    But when we hold the Z plate tightly by hand (when moving down), the sound stops....
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  • mikedwe
    started a topic Custom 3D Printer - Driver failure problem.

    Custom 3D Printer - Driver failure problem.

    What on earth is wrong with my stepper cable? Am I missing something? Is it even the cable that is causing the driver failure?

    - Upon attempting to jog the z-axis, the DRV8825 driver chip sparked and failed instantly. The printer rebooted and I was unable to jog the z-axis after this.

    - I am in the process of building a 3D printer from scratch.
    - I recently upgraded to 24V hot end and switched the entire system over...
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  • Jakoby
    started a topic 24V Voltage Booster

    24V Voltage Booster


    sorry for my english.

    I have a MKS GEN L 1.4 board connecting to 500W/12V source (RSP-500-12 Mean Well). I would like to connect my drivers TMC2130 to 24V using voltage booster (XL6009 DC-DC ). Can i just connect booster to VM pin? Is something else required?

    Thank you. ...
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  • DhireshN
    started a topic Ender 3 Pro making loud clicking sounds

    Ender 3 Pro making loud clicking sounds

    Hey guys,

    Could you please help me out, I am using an Ender 3 Pro with the MKS Gen L Board with TMC2208 Stepper Drivers but can't find a way to fix this problem.

    The extruder motor keeps twitching and spinning backwards and making loud clicking sounds.
    I have attached a video of it, also an image of a test print I did where none of it is level if you could help that would be great
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  • Theo
    started a topic Ender3 overhaul (board, drivers, etc. need help)

    Ender3 overhaul (board, drivers, etc. need help)

    Hi All,

    I am stuck installing the DRV8825 on MKS Gen L board:
    According to this I can configure the jumpers below the drivers 011 or 111 for 1/32 steps. Does the first jumper make any difference? What voltage would you recommend with stock Ender3 steper motors?
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  • chefsnade
    started a topic Ender 3 vs Geeetech A10

    Ender 3 vs Geeetech A10

    This may have been discussed so far, a little look on google hasn't really pinged up as many hits as I thought there would be. The ones it has has been July/Aug of 18,
    and the printers seem to change quite fast.

    The Ender 3 now becomes fully open source, boot loader included? As does the A10.
    The A10 has a better motherboard? A upgrade for the Ender to a MKS-GEN L for £16, but the GT2560 seems a better board anyway.

    The Ender has a higher resolution...
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