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  • Phlip2112
    started a topic Longer LK4 Pro leveling and bed bowing

    Longer LK4 Pro leveling and bed bowing

    So I just got this machine a few days ago. Vague assembly instructions, but I managed it.

    One thing I saw on youtube was about an inconsistency with the leveling due to bed flatness. I experienced some of this and it showed up when trying to start a large base area print. I could not get the raft outline to stick. I work in design engineering to very close tolerances, so I knew of some things to check. This is what I found...
    1. Take off the glass build plate and check the flatness of
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  • Brand new to this. Mine is a Longer LK4 Pro. I already have troubleshooting tips.
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  • Totally new to printing with engineering feedback

    So I just bought a Longer LK4 Pro... I am a design engineer.
    The assembly instructions were vague. I managed to figure it out.
    Build plate leveled with minor imperfections due to machine tolerances. I will address this in forums.
    I stumbled through the touch screen interface and loaded a test print. It took 4 hours for a sample print of a small object, but it was .1 mm slices and I had fun checking on the progress.
    ​​​​​​​I think I have a new addiction!
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