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kossel xl

  • Proper configuration and tuning of Kossel XL

    Howdy all,

    So first off I'd like to say that I'm not terribly eager to post in this section as I feel it'll only add to the pile of cries for help, and I'm sure the flow of new makers (myself included) is wearing said help fairly thin. However, with that said, man I sure could use some help.

    I recently assembled a DIY Kossel XL kit from Makergeeks. I configured the Arduino Mega 2560 acording to this guide.......
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  • Hi Grant
    Dont know where you are situated but check out kossel-kit and I really recommend to convert it with a nimble extruder very light at the printhead if you are not using bowden setup, but then you cant print flexible materials...
    Or if you got a lot of money wasp-deltas ;-)
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  • After reading on a lot of forums about the P3steel, it has scared me a bit. I want a proper DIY kit with proper instructions.
    It seems to me that a lot of people that sell P3steel kits, are making them in their "garage", and it seems to be random luck if you get a kit with all the parts (also original parts/motors etc, not cheap chinese pirat copy crap), and if the parts fit.

    I want a kit where evertyhing is correct, and there is a proper manual, and proper customer...
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    started a topic Hello ... from MOntreal

    Hello ... from MOntreal

    Hello , my name is Christophe and I'm a Belgian living in Canada (Montreal) and a natural French speaker.

    I have 3 3DPrinter ... 1 MakerBot Replicator 2 ... 1 Replicator Mini and 1 Kossel XL ......... I print a lot but just for personnal hobby with my kids ... Education on Future for them is the best use of a 3DPrinter ...

    I've connected a Kinect 360 to my Computer and be able to scan and Print .. it's very amazing !

    Have fun
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  • keymaster113
    replied to Bowden vs direct drive
    Hi, please excuse my ignorance here, but with the Bowden style why is the piece in the tube considered waste? I am building a Kossel XL and was considering this as the extrusion method, and now I am reconsidering it....
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  • sy1590
    started a topic Hello


    Hi all,

    I'm Sy and I have been printing on and off since January 2015.

    I have a now decommissioned makibox that started my interest and a Kossel Xl with a couple of upgrades that, though I would call 80% calibrated, it has given me some great prints and at the same time almost driven me up the wall.

    I have been mainly printing others designs but with limited google sketch experience have designed a couple of basic parts. Fan shrouds, Mounting blocks etc....
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  • Hmm, alright. Good to know.

    Now, I want to put it out that that I'm also working on this issue over on 3D board. More people looking at this, the faster it might be solved, right? Here's a link to the thread.....

    Now, LuckyImperial has me reconfiguring with Repetier firmware rather then using Marlin, which so far makes more sense to me. The only reason...
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  • Fantastic Brass Ninja
    started a topic Ti from Winter Land.

    Ti from Winter Land.

    Good day fine Lassies and Gentle Fellows!

    I search of a Forum I can call home base for my transition into the 3d printing world. I have a background in machining and metal casting, not so much with computers thou. After reconfiguring the settings in Marlin to upload to my Kossel XL, I feel like the Hackerman from Kungfury!

    I hope you guys can help with some issues I'm having getting the printer up and running

    Thanks muchly.

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  • Sewyboowy
    started a topic Help with a delta 3d printer

    Help with a delta 3d printer


    I just finished the build of a kossel xl 3d printer and i have done the paper test and adjusted the bed so that its level and calibrated to the center of the bed, so that the point 0,0,0 is a piece of papers width from the center of the bed. All the electronics work on the printer work as far as i can tell, i can move each axis, heat the hotend and bed, and move the extruder accurately (calibrated).

    I tried my first couple of prints but i couldn't get it to work....
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