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geeetech a10

  • Pezzer2003
    started a topic GeeeTech A10 - Review, Mods, and Upgrades

    GeeeTech A10 - Review, Mods, and Upgrades

    G'day from Australia,
    I received my GeeeTech A10 from GearBest and I have had a pretty good experience with it so far.

    Check out my review at GeeeTech A10 - Review
    And the Thingiverse A10 User Group @

    Here I will post my upgrades and Mods that I have done and intend to do.

    GEARBEST is doing a deal for the GeeeTech A10
    You can get the Geeetech A10 for $169.99USD using the Coupon code: G...
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  • chefsnade
    started a topic Ender 3 vs Geeetech A10

    Ender 3 vs Geeetech A10

    This may have been discussed so far, a little look on google hasn't really pinged up as many hits as I thought there would be. The ones it has has been July/Aug of 18,
    and the printers seem to change quite fast.

    The Ender 3 now becomes fully open source, boot loader included? As does the A10.
    The A10 has a better motherboard? A upgrade for the Ender to a MKS-GEN L for £16, but the GT2560 seems a better board anyway.

    The Ender has a higher resolution...
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  • Hi. The ender3 or geeetech a10 are good for newbies and not too expensive. I got a geeetech A10 a few weeks ago and had no clue how to use it but Google and YouTube are verry helpful...
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  • GeeeTech A10 is a great 3D printer and I too have worked with GeeeTech A10M 3D Printer Kit which I got from ‘3D Printers Online Store’. It is one of the most affordable and efficient 3D printers to get high-quality objects in dual colors....
    GEEETECH A10 V SLOT 3D PRINTER KIT is the best 3D Printer Kit under $200 with V-shaped wheels and rails on each axis, super print size, high precision printing. Buy exclusively from 3D Printers Online Store.
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  • Spencer
    started a topic Pid tuning problem

    Pid tuning problem

    Hi all. Im having trouble doing a pid tune
    on my printer. Im using pronterface and after i get everything conected the pid tune starts but half way through it says echo paused wanting for user. It keeps saying that until it just stops and the temperatures start falling. The printer is a geeetech a10 with marlin. What could be the problem?...
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  • Spencer
    started a topic File problems

    File problems

    Hi all. I recently got a geeetech a10. My first printer so still getting to know all about 3d printing. I have been having some problems with prints from thingiverse and other print sites. After i slice the model with cura and save it on the sd card the print only finishes about a quarter of the model then it says its at 100% and stops printing. I noticed the file size on the sd card is very small witch doesnt seem right. I think something is going wrong when it gets transferred to the sd card or...
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