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flashforge creator pro

  • Nightfox321
    started a topic Qidi Tech Issues

    Qidi Tech Issues

    So, is anyone here using a Qidi tech one? I'm posting here because i understand it to be similar to the Flashforge Creator.

    I'm having some trouble with my build plate set up. Unfortunately, I think this may be one of the diferences between the Qidi and the Flashforge. I've mostly been using ABS and had pretty much gotten the hang of it, but the two build plate stickers that it came with were wearing out so I replaced them with new ones that I had gotten from Amazon. The replacements...
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  • First suggestion is to go to place of purchase with these questions, because they have a vested interest in helping you.

    Having said that, I would say the creator pro in general is a very robust, versatile and reliable machine but isn't a 'plug and play' experience like some other offerings. Its target market is really focused on intermediate to advanced users.
    Anyway to answer some of your questions.
    1. The left extruder is closer to the cooling fan, dependent on material...
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  • FlashForge Dreamer (powerspec ultra 2.0) Extruder Problems

    Hey all, I'm new to the forum, and came here because I couldn't find an answer to a problem I've got through google searching... Maybe I just don't know how to ask google the right question, or maybe its a simple problem most people don't need help with...

    Either way, I have a Powerspec Ultra 2.0 (Flashforge Dreamer in a Flashforge Creator Pro case), and I recently made some upgrades to it. I installed the Microswiss all metal hotend on the Right extruder with a hardened steel nozzle,...
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  • Flashforge Creator pro stops extruding white ABS mid-print


    I'm pretty new to the forum but I've already experimented a bit with my 3d printer.
    I have a Flashforge Creator Pro (version 1) with which I successfully made several prints with black ABS filament. I assumed I was using the right extrudor temperature, bed temperature and other settings. I'm using a raft.

    Trouble arised when I switched to white ABS filament. I wanted to print the exact same model in white instead of black. Two prints went fine, but on the third...
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  • babj615
    started a topic FlashForge Creater Pro 2 - Slicing Software?

    FlashForge Creater Pro 2 - Slicing Software?

    We all know FlashPrint is ok for finished projects, but very incapable when compared to other slicers like Cura, etc.

    Who here has a Creator Pro 2 and what Slicers are you using for your projects?

    Thank You!
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  • Flashforge creator pro and i can't seem to get the computer to recognize the printer.

    I'm operating in windows 7 and it tells me that i need file drivers for the 3D printer. Can someone direct me where I can find the driver to this machine? Flashforge Creator Pro.
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  • Thanks Andrew!
    I was beginning to think people on this forum didn't like me, lol

    I've put a deposit on the Creator Pro and am really happy I decided on that one. Will complete the purchase in the next 2 weeks.
    The shop tells me that there is a new model of the creator pro coming out and I will be getting one of those.

    I really liked the Da Vinci AIO as it has a 3d scanner, too bad it doesn't perform better.

    The FlashForge Creator Pro is costing...
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  • windows__xp_
    started a topic Flashforge Creator pro extrusion problem

    Flashforge Creator pro extrusion problem

    Hi there! im kind of here as a last resort right now, i have a problem with my extruders that i just cannot fix. When it is printing (both extruders have this problem), no filament is coming out, and it makes an odd, i guess clicking sound, and when i hold the filament, it bounces slightly. This isnt a clog, as i have taken both extruders apart and gone through the unclogging process, and i can also push fillament through a heated nozzle manually. it also "prints" when filament loading....
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  • new Flashforge creator pro or keep with the XYZ de vinci 1

    hi chaps, I have been printing with the XYZ printer for a year now, using Simplify3d to split the parts I print for models. Now I have been thinking of getting a new machine. my questions are
    1. is the flashforge creator pro worth the money, will it give me better results then the XYZ printer.
    2. will I be allowed to use or the controls within Simplify3d as at the moment they don't work, ie fan speeds ect, printing speeds
    3. will I be able to use cheaper filament, as the...
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  • jabixby
    replied to Getting a 3D printer, Suggestions?
    After a lot of research I picked the Flash forge Creator Pro. I've had it about a month, used it constantly, and love it. The heated print bed with its great surface means no tape or hairspray and mostly no curling. I find if a print curls is time to clean it with alcohol. Since getting this I've switched over almost entirely to ABS. On the US Amazon site, Flashforge has a sale going on-$13.99 for 1kg ABS spools.
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  • Finally figured it out. Flashprint allows you to select the Creator Pro as the printer of choice, but does not recognize it as an output device. I went and selected an alternate printer and then selected PRINT and the PRINT WHEN SLICE IS DONE came up with the print dialog window. Sent Flashforge an email about this. What a waste. Flashprint allows you to select one of Flashforge printers but won't let you use it and does not tell you so.
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  • AndrewBougie
    replied to Essential Software
    Basically, you need design software (Inventor) and a slicer/control software. Check out page 7 of the Creator Pro manual (you may have already seen this):

    I would recommend starting with their recommendations (Replicator G) just to get going and make sure everything works the way it should. Once you are more comfortable with the machine, you could look into using other software...
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  • Installing a kraken quad-printhead onto a FlashForge Creator Pro

    [FONT=tahoma]Hello folks - [/FONT]

    [FONT=tahoma]I'm new to the 3DPrint world, but am trying to make the immediate jump to printing with nylon. A FlashForge Creator Pro has arrived in my school's department and has the basic ABS / PLA threads with a dual-extruder.[/FONT]

    [FONT=tahoma]To avoid putting materials with different melting points through the same extruder head, I've taken a notice of the Kraken quad extruder. [/FONT]

    [FONT=tahoma]As I research what...
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  • Guest's Avatar
    Guest started a topic Beginner With a Flashforge Creator Pro

    Beginner With a Flashforge Creator Pro

    Hi all,

    I'm Jazz, I've been interested in 3D printing for a few years but not done anything about it until this week. I decided yesterday to order a Flashforge Creator Pro and it arrived today. I've not messed about with settings too much, mainly because I don't know what I'm doing yet.

    A bit of background - I'm a draughtsman/design engineer with 8 years of industry experience. I'm from the North East of England, County Durham.

    So.. The first thing I did...
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  • Joymaker
    started a topic Flashforge updated nozzle and other pieces?

    Flashforge updated nozzle and other pieces?

    I went to the Flashforge store to buy replacement nozzles for my 3 year old Creator Pro. I find an "updated" nozzle and with it the statement that it also needs an aluminum tube, and maybe another part besides. I'm confused. Could someone give me a clear rundown on this whole "updated" nozzle business and what it requires, and what it buys me? And whether I would want to do this, compared to keeping on buying the original version?
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