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  • denis213
    started a topic Geeetech a20m or FLSUN 3d double extruder

    Geeetech a20m or FLSUN 3d double extruder

    Hey im new on the forum.
    i want to buy 3d printer and i need some help.
    first i was looking to buy a creality ender 3 but i have some more budget now so i found two 3d printers. Geeetech a20m and FLSUN 3d printer. One is half assembled one is diy. I cant find much about FLSUN 3d printer so the comunity for this printer is small and can be problem for me since im new in 3d printers. Both printers are dual extrude. Printing size is 255x255x300 vs 300x300x400. FLSUN have touch screen and...
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  • New FLSUN-QQ Belts Making Loud Noise - PLEASE HELP

    Hi All -

    I am new to 3D printing and just bought my first one, FLSUN-QQ. After I put it together and ran it through for the first time, it worked awesomely. However, during the evening it ran out of filament (and didn't pause) so when I caught it to refill, there was too much of a gap and I had to start over. After cleaning this thing and going through the auto leveling function again, during the second attempt at using this machine, it started making this loud noise that sounds like...
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  • Z axis on Flsun Delta higher in the middle, and shorter on the perimeter

    As the title states I am a heck of time getting my Flsun delta printer to level out. When I first bought the printer it worked well for several months, except that it was loud. So I recently upgraded the motherboard (from a Gen_L to a Gen 1.4) and TMC2130s for controllers. In the process I also had to upgrade the firmware and I haven't been able to get it working since. In updating the firmware, I modified one of the Flsun samples that came with Marlin. I changed the diagonal rods as well as the...
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  • FLSUN Delta QQ "no file found! check the file system configuration!"

    not sure what topic this should be in.
    I just got a FLSUN Delta QQ i set it all up easy and ran a test print all worked ok but the next time i went to boot the printer i now get this message and can't do anything.
    "no file found! check the file system configuration!"
    Anyone have an idea why this has happened and if there is a way to fix it. had the printer less then a day.

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  • Please Help...FLSUN QQ Delta Printer Mega Problems

    30+ hours into this rectangular print, my printer just starts printing nonsense up and to the right as seen in the pictures. There is nothing that resembles this in the STL or sliced file, I have no clue why it's doing this. Also, now when I press "home" on my printer to set the print head to the home position it makes loud mechanical clicks and pops that sound very unsettling. Is this something going on with the belts or something? Is there a way to reset the thing? I've tried greasing...
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  • alealejandro
    started a topic FLSUN mainboard replacement

    FLSUN mainboard replacement

    Good morning,

    Im running SKR V1.1 with an MKS TFT3.2 inches display and this one is not communicating with the board, anything motor moves when using the display. The MKS TFT is configures the samewa as with the MKS gen L mainboard, with the same baudrate and selecting the correct firmware and the marlin firmware, compiled with PlatformIO, flashed with the same display settings as the original MKS gen L firmware, any ideas?

    Thanks in advanced
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  • FLSUN S Complete 3D Printer - Gearbest New Arrival & Exclusive Sale on 01/29 To 02/05

    Dear friends

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    ● Printing size: 108 x 68 x 200mm,...
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  • FLsun delta starting print in midair.. help

    I’m new at this and just got my FLsun delta printer built and running but I’m stumped. I’m running marlin 1.1.0-RC8-AC. I’ll set the hot end height perfectly, double check, run an G33 auto calibration, triple check my height, and start a print. AND IT STARTS PRINTING ABOUT 4IN OFF THE BED??!! I’m sure it’s something simple I’m overlooking but what? Somebody help me,please...
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  • NEED HELP!!! wiring the "MakerBase MKS Gen-L V1.0 board" Flsun Kossel Delta

    This is the Board that came with my Flsun Kossel Delta Linear Version 3D printer kit. Now there are two fans that connect to a top acrylic plate that mounts to this board and two more fans that connect to the Extruder and I am confused on where they all go. The extruder fans are supposed to run continuously so where would I hook up the 4 fans and also the acrylic base this goes on CANNOT be mounted like it shows it's supposed to be in the manual. I purchased this kit off of "3D"...
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  • Dear friends:

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  • ashley1981
    started a topic Large flsun i3 printer

    Large flsun i3 printer

    Hi can any one help I've put it all together and gone to print and the nozzle goes up instead of going to the het bed plz help!
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  • timberr174
    started a topic Hello all

    Hello all

    Hello folks, Newish to 3d printing and have a few printers a enders 3 pro and a flsun qq s....
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  • David Quirey
    started a topic Firmware problem

    Firmware problem

    Hi Folks, my Flsun corexy printer had just finished a good print,when the system crashed.
    The only function that now works is "auto home", which shows that motors and switches are fine.
    I have tried a reset, and have uploaded the original firmware .hex file with Cura, but the problem persists.
    The display shows all the menu functions - only one works. I've never seen an eprom fail.
    Any help will be much appreciated :-)
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