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  • Ender 3 Pro Extruder Stepper debugging - sanity check?

    Hi. New member here with a real head scratcher. I'd really appreciate any advice.

    I have an Ender 3 Pro, sold by Sain Smart, which I believe is an OEM of Creality. It seems to be identical to a Creality unit, other than the printing on the metal and some graphics on the LCD (presumably custom firmware).

    This all started with problems with the filament not feeding smoothly such that the extruder stepper would slip back with a loud "chunk". I determined that the...
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  • the table is the bed. the bed moves in y. the gantry moves in x + z only. maybe this is a difference in language. you will find that this design is called the "i3" because it was first made popular on the prusa i3. the ender 3 takes this concept and makes it cheaper to build the machine. if you want something nice, buy a dutchy. if want something nice that is a kit, try railcore 300 or a jubilee. those a free open source projects. you will spend about $1000 to $1700 in parts. the ender...
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  • danols
    started a topic ender 5 prints dont stick anymore

    ender 5 prints dont stick anymore

    hi, got a cr10 mini a few weeks ago, and was having so much fun with it, so when I got a good deal on a ender 5, I bought it, first 5-6 prints was great, stuck to the bed without any problems, or adhesive, now, I get warping in the beginning on every print, when starting with the skirt.
    I dont feel that its a leveling issue, since Im used to leveling the cr10, no problems there, I tried using some of the adhesive I use on the cr10 bed on the ender 5, made no difference, plus when I stop the...
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  • Ender 3 Pro quality,safety tips and tech support issues

    Hi gays this is a post about a new Ender 3 pro printer that i purchased this year from creality 3d store. This official store advertised that all printers are assembled and checked before shipping to customers . So i was in that regard sure that i will get a printer, that is safe to use and
    perform in use as expected.
    Also many sites are making a fuzz about how good this printer actually is,and many of these site are payed reviews,so they will advertise the good stuff but not the...
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  • Aped
    started a topic Help with Ender 5

    Help with Ender 5


    First off I am a complete newb to 3D printing so please excuse what will undoubtedly be a post about dumb problems but I am so disappointed/frustrated/stumped with what to do. and after receiving no help from Creality themselves I have decided to reach out for help.

    So here is my story.....
    I recently (Feb 2020) acquired a Creality Ender 5. after unboxing and following all steps to set up the printer I decided to do a test print which worked perfectly and I was...
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  • Czibtor
    started a topic Ender 3 printing problem

    Ender 3 printing problem

    Good evening,

    I am new to group and seeking for some help please.
    I have two friends who are really into football, so I wanted to give them a bit of a gift, so I got a file from thingiverse. Its a Liverpool UEFA trophy.
    I had a successful print and one of them was very happy about it. A couple of days later I wanted to print the same file for the second guy,
    but in that instance
    half of the print came out nice, the other half looks terrible.
    I cannot figure out what...
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  • Redbeard
    started a topic Ender 3 Benchy test with PET-G

    Ender 3 Benchy test with PET-G

    Hi all,
    I have an Ender 3 and I think I have my settings dialed in, but have some issues I don't know how to fix.
    E-Steps have been calibrated.
    Speed 50mm/s
    Temp 240C and 70C
    Retraction 6mm and 40mm/s

    There is a small 'blob' on the front left corner (pic 1)
    There are some weird 'blobs' on the front deck (pic 2 & 3)
    There are some strange markings on the back right side quarter (pic 4)
    Appears to be evidence of something like elephant...
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  • Mike00
    started a topic Ender 3 Pro - proper assembly instructions

    Ender 3 Pro - proper assembly instructions

    Hello everyone, I'm brand new to 3d printing, learning a little. I am familiar with setting up x-y-z tables in industrial equipment. I bought an Ender 3 pro, and while It was obviously a cost cutting design, I am very pleased with what I've got for the money. The biggest short coming I found was with the instructions. While the assembly process is not hard, there are a few things that should be done right. Given that, I decided to add my own supplemental instructions to go along with the "simple...
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  • Hey Nigel, well I finally ordered the new board and I expect I'll get to install it today, so I'll post the outcome hopefully this evening. I ordered the: Creality Original V1.1.5 Motherboard Silent with TMC2208 Stepper Motor Driver for Ender-3 /Ender-3 Pro/Ender-5

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  • GrantB
    replied to Ender 3 Extrusion Issues
    The Ender 3 may suffer the same issues that other similar machines do.
    Ender / Tronxy & Creality are all rips of each other.... I believe Hicktop are the original manufacturers of this particular i3 generic machine - all sharing the same mechanics.

    OK, the issue may be simple to establish.
    Firstly, get a STL file for a simple cylinder from have zero infill, set the layers to 0.2mm height.
    Duplicate these for 5 positions on the print bed - so.........
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  • Ender 5 Pro - Can't Connect to PC for BLTouch Firmware Update

    Hello all, this is my first post. I recently picked up a slightly upgraded Ender 5 Pro from amazon as my first printer. I have it set up and after some belt tweaking and bearing adjustment it is printing very nicely. I want to ad the BLTouch, and have the Creality kit labeled for V1 Mainboard. I have several questions, and I can't find any specific solutions to the Pro version, which I think has built in bootloader.

    First, the kit comes with a USB ISP cable and interface, but I'm not...
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  • Mike00
    started a topic 3D printing rookie seeking advice

    3D printing rookie seeking advice

    Hello All. I'm brand new to this. I just got my first 3d-printer, an Ender 3 Pro, about a week ago, have got it setup and running. Now that I fixed the assembly instructions in my first post here, I have some questions about using this thing. I bought this with making structural objects in mind. and have been able to make gears of 1"-1 1/2" with around 0.005" runout, Pretty darn good for a machine that's yet to really be tuned. But, as was destined to happen, I have run across some...
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  • Sr.Kowi
    started a topic Please help print PETG in Ender 5

    Please help print PETG in Ender 5

    Hello!. I just bought my 2nd printer, an Ender 5 and I want to leave it ready to print in PETG, since the other printer I have is ready to print PLA. As soon as the Ender 5 arrived, I changed the extruder that comes from plastic to a metal one (I mean the system that pushes the filament through the teflon tube), I also changed the hotel from serious to an ALL METAL, and then install a 0.3mm nozzle to the hotend. Here began the suffering. When printing, the filament got stuck and only droplets...
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  • JoeP
    started a topic 3D printer gets blocked frequently

    3D printer gets blocked frequently

    I'm trying to print a simple design using a Creality Ender 3 (PLA+ filament, 220 degree nozzle, 60 degree glass bed). Every couple of layers, the plastic stops coming out of the nozzle. When I unscrew the Teflon tube and pull the filament out (without turning off the heater element), the end is a solid cylinder, about 5mm in diameter and a couple of cm long. When I cut that off and screw it back in again it works fine for about 5 minutes, then it happens again. What's going wrong here?
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  • shift838
    started a topic Ender 5 Plus Booting

    Ender 5 Plus Booting

    I have noticed that if I have the usb cable plugged into my new Ender 5 plus it will not boot, I have to unplug it, power it on and after it is booted plug in the USB cable. Is this normal? If not what would cause this?

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