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e3d titan aero

  • BlueGecko1916
    started a topic Help with E3D Titan Aero in Pro 1.0

    Help with E3D Titan Aero in Pro 1.0

    Hey all,
    So I have a E3D Titan Aero and want to put it in my Pro 1.0 but have no idea how or where to begin. I've looked online and I saw a few people say they did it but don't explain how or anything. I saw on Thingiverse that there is a drop-in designed for it, but it's several years old and still in the beta phase. I'm not very good with these kind of things so I wanted to know if anyone can help me out with this, give me any advice or point me in the right direction to getting this in...
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  • 3Defined
    started a topic For Sale: InfraRed Z-Probe Bed Levelling Sensors

    InfraRed Z-Probe Bed Levelling Sensors

    Evening all, I'd like to introduce 3Defined Ltd.

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    We offer 3D printing services exclusively in PLA, with rapid turnarounds (usually next day*) and no minimum order quantity. We also offer full design support from simple advice to full component design. A full assembly and finishing service is also available including painting and coating. For further information please feel...
    Check out what products we offer! We're currently the only official UK distributor for Aus3D!
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  • Sorry my bad for not enough info.
    it's not a clone it's an original e3D Titan Aero. My printer is an XYZ Printing Pro 1.0
    Here's a link to some pictures....
    Post with 2 views. XYZ Pro 1.0 Hotend
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