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  • xyzprinting Da Vinci Mini W+ using cura 4.8 in linux (Ubuntu 18.04) no usb connection

    Hi all,

    I am quite new in 3D Printing so I recently bought a 3D-Printer ready to use a xyz printing Da Vinci Mini W+ .
    Printing while using the original software is working very well.
    Now I intend to use cura 4.80 for slicing and directly sending it to the printer via USB
    according to this short article:

    This works quite good when cura runs on Windows10 but the machine I'd like to deploy...
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  • Psyonic
    started a topic Cura 2 misbehaving

    Cura 2 misbehaving


    First timer here so please be kind!

    I have just migrated from Cura V1 to Cura V2 (V3.2.1 Linux)

    Before you ask, I have designed and built my own 3D printer and extruder from scratch and am currently configuring it. Cura has been, by far, the stand out software package on the Linux platform.

    It's a RepRap, Marlin driven machine. It's well set-up and configured in Marlin and I trust it's capabilities. I have had a great deal of success...
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  • Tihsho
    started a topic CR10S Pro Issues with Latest Cura w/ OctoPrint

    CR10S Pro Issues with Latest Cura w/ OctoPrint

    Hey everyone!

    I've been running my Creality CR10S Pro with Cura and OctoPrint for coming up to two years. During this time I held off upgrading Ultimaker Cura because "it just worked". With my security mindset kicking in I decided to upgrade Cura to the latest version last week and I've run into a big problem. Since the upgrade the homing process sent after slicing from Cura has tried to go past the boundaries on the Y-axis. When it tries to home past it, it obviously causes...
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  • Cura changing geometry of stl object when sliced. Need help to fix it.

    I created a 3D object in Blender, then exported it to an stl file. When I import the stl file into Cura, it looks fine in the Prepare screen, but it half fills a hollow tube section of my model for a good chunk of the height in the Preview screen. The images below show the object in Blender, showing no non-manifold edges, the stl object displaying correctly in Cura's prepare screen, and the Preview screen with mostly filled in center tube section. I've been working for hours trying to figure...
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  • Nannyogg82
    started a topic Z offset issues in Cura

    Z offset issues in Cura

    Hi everyone. I’m a newbie here and have only been printing for three weeks. So please bear with me if I haven’t given enough info.

    I have a Tenlog TL D3 Pro. I managed to get it all calibrated great with PLA and recently I have been calibrating it for PETG as that will be the main material I’m printing with. I downloaded the z-offset plug in for Cura and as soon as I downloaded it I started getting the pictured error. Where prints will shift on the x axis either...
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  • DragonDon
    started a topic Cura not seeing 101 Hero on MacBook Air

    Cura not seeing 101 Hero on MacBook Air

    I have a 101 Hero 3D printer. It worked fine on my old Win 7 Laptop (till that started acting up....) then I saw that Cura would run on OS X. So, picked up a MacBook Air (10.13.2), installed the OSX VCP driver, and can see "CP2102 USB to UART Bridge Controller" show up when I plug the printer in but Cura can't see the printer.

    I have tried Cura 3.1 and Cura 15.04.06 and neither recognize the connected printer.

    I'm at a loss where to go to next. The USB port...
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  • daveincaol
    started a topic Cura 4.6 + 4.6.1

    Cura 4.6 + 4.6.1

    Am I missing something? I've had several attempts run the most recent Cura version. Presently I'm using Cura4.5. and a Mac with Catalina 10.15.4.

    Each attempt to install is refused and messaged to the effect that the Cura version cannot be verified because Apple is unable check for malicious software. Any advice?

    Dave B....
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    started a topic Using CURA programatically

    Using CURA programatically

    I have a program that makes it easy for someone to print their stored projects. I would like the user to select the project and push print then the stored .stl file would be sent to Cura to send the g-code to the printer. I want to make it so that Cura never pops up so that the user never has to do anything more than push my print button.

    Is it possible for my program to call Cura and have Cure run in the background without any user interaction then send it to the printer and then...
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  • jmmrly
    started a topic Cura printing issues Anet ET4
    in Anet

    Cura printing issues Anet ET4

    I've very recently got the Anet ET4 and i'm brand new to 3d printing. Printing the example models print fine - the cat/dog etc. However, when trying to print something from cura (Very old version using the config/guide provided by Anet) it prints too close to the bed and doesn't print. I'm thinking this is a setting I need to tweak in the software. I'm also wanting to run the latest version of Cura if possible if someone is able to help provide a config that works on the latest version?...
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  • Thyros
    started a topic New Ender 5 not working with Cura

    New Ender 5 not working with Cura

    I`m new to 3D printing and I bougth an Ender 5. It works fine with the Slicer that is on the SD card, but I wanted to slice with Cura wher I have more feachers. My problem is, that when I put the gcode from Cura in my printer it heats up, homes itself and then shuts down all Motors. I dont know what do do now and there seems to bee no awnser on google.
    I thougth that it has sometig to do with the gcode flaver setting.
    Or is there an important setting that I`m missing out on?...
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  • Tinchus2009
    started a topic Cura / Slic3r

    Cura / Slic3r

    Hi. Iha ve been testing, calibrating, etcs. Im new to 3d printing so I need to learn. I was useing slic3r at first, then I gave a try to cura.
    The final calibration I did it useing cura. Printings are almost perfect (I still have some minor issues, please help in the other thread). But basically printing are nice, very nice now.
    Yesterday I decided to use slic3r againg. And I printed a calibration piece taht somebody recomended here in the forum.
    To my surprise the difference...
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  • Davdi
    started a topic Centring a print in Cura

    Centring a print in Cura

    I'm using Repetier-Host V2.1.3 with its bundled Cura on Linux Mint 19.2. I've downloaded a couple of .stl files from thingiverse, but the generated gcode prints at the rear right hand corner of the printer bed.
    I did choose the 'center' option in repetier before generating the gcode. but it still prints in the rear right hand corner of the bed (and sometimes off the edge of the bed)
    The printer is BiBo dual extruder, and while their support has tried to be helpful, they don't seem to...
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  • Efliernz
    started a topic E16 Cura Profile settings
    in Anet

    E16 Cura Profile settings

    Hi all. A newbie I'm afraid!!!
    I've just got the E16. The test files on the SD go ok so I've done my first design. I can't find a profile for the start/end Gcode for Cura. I've installed Cura 4.2.1 and it has an E16 profile in it but it wants to start the print off the front of the glass.
    Any suggestions welcome! Thanks.
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  • Printing WIth a Fabrikator Mini II - Settings Cura and Repetier


    We have bough a Fabrikator II Mini from Hobby King for our school.
    I am trying to set it up but I am having trouble due to conflicting / old / and lack of information. The SD Card comes with a version of Repetier but not for Mac (I am using a Mackbook Pro running El Capitan). I downloaded the lattest Repetier for Mac OS X but here starts the trouble. The screenshots in the instructions for Repetier are very different from the version I have.

    I have successfully...
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  • +Christiane+
    started a topic Flashforge Dreamer and Cura

    Flashforge Dreamer and Cura

    I want to ask, Anyone know if Cura works with Flashforge Dreamer?
    If yes, is there a template for the printer that I can add to Cura?
    Because I didn't find Flashforge Dreamer in the list of printers in Cura.
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