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  • daveincaol
    started a topic Hello from a quiet corner of the UK

    Hello from a quiet corner of the UK

    My name is Dave. I was introduced to 3D printing by my son. He bought 3 examples of an obsolescent printer from Maplin when they closed down.
    That was Ok for some time but proved to be temperamental, so I saved up and bought an Ender 5. This has proved a much more friendly machine and the support given by 'Nancy' at Creality is excellent.

    I think there are likely more than one 'Nancys' and that it might be the name shared by Lim, Nee, Lee, Hong and Tong among others.
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  • Carlh2018
    replied to Noob Failings :D
    Only just read this but I have managed to get the filament to stick - was too much space between the nozzle and the bed so I performed the paper bed calibration but set it so that the paper was "dragging" rather than "just above dragging point" which is what I performed.

    I have managed to run two prints, a whistle (which doesnt work but looks cool) and a death-whistle, which works (sort of) but I have gaps between the layers and isnt very strong.

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  • 3Dex
    replied to FolgerTech FT-5 Build Thread
    I am pleased to report that my FT-5 is now complete and working! It was an awesome moment when the printer did its first auto-home and everything went smoothly. But before that I shall summarise the finishing touches to the build.

    1. Installing the LCD screen. I did this at the end of the build (see above posts). The instructions mention using 20mm m3 bolts for the LCD screen but it really needs 25mm bolts. Luckily there are some 25mm countersunk bolts included in the kit that I think...
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  • smskeeter23
    replied to help
    I'd like to start my response by asking another question... are you using Cura? I ask because I have had this problem manifest multiple times with Cura but the same file print just fine in slic3r.

    As others have said, a heated bed can make a world of difference here, as can bed leveling. Speed is also a big issue here.

    The bottom line is that part way through the nozzle is partially warping the previous line and causing it to lift slightly, curl, and deform. When the next...
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  • 600 x 400 heated bed x 500 tall - need some G-Code assistance plz ?

    600 x 400 heated bed x 500 tall - need some G-Code assistance plz ?

    Little project for a print job for my employer/friend...

    I've gathered all the mechanical goodies, have 3 donor machines for stepper motors, drives, extruders, bought 4off 300 x 200 heated beds + controllers, 5 power supplies, huge sheet of heat resistant glass, 600mm lead screws, 8mm shafts, motor mounts, belts, tensioners etc...
    Will be using a redesigned inner corner that supports the head carriage...
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  • lolynusa
    replied to creality cp-01 help needed
    Hello guys, I am having the same problem. Yesterday (5/26/2020) I sent a email to for support. This is the email I sent:

    On Sunday May 24 I got a brand new CP-01 from I was trying to print different models from the SD card that came with the package and others models that I downloaded from the Internet using Creality Slicer 1.2.3 and Ultimaker Cura 4.6. The problem I have with it is that the extruder stopped working in the middle of the print. There is no...
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  • Anet A8 print quality on printing eiffel tower

    Hi All I am new to the world of 3d printing. Recently I bought a new Anet A8, Luckily it prints fine for most of the object, except complex structures like Eiffel tower. When I printed base of eiffel tower of size about 100x 100x 50mm, it prints with lots of stringing an oozing as in the attached imageI know there is lot of stringings. As it is printed on a low end 3d printer(Anet A8) I want to know whether the print quality is normal for such complex structures. If any one tried printing Eiffel...
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  • Admin
    started a topic 10% OFF Wiiboox ONE Pro 3D Printer

    10% OFF Wiiboox ONE Pro 3D Printer

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  • Maker Farm Prusa i3V
    Slic3r 1.1.7
    Cura 15.02.1
    Filament ABS
    Hot end 220
    Heat Bed 100
    · Perimeter 75%
    · Infill 100
    · Top/Bottom layers 100
    Layer Height 0.2
    Perimeters 0 3
    No print cooling fan
    Model Specs Cura Slic3r
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  • IN43
    replied to Hello

    There are few things you must know in 3D printing before you even start.

    1. Which 3D printer you need to buy?

    2. You MUST know the settings for the printer you will buy and enter them in a slicer (Cura, Sli3er etc...).
    Also know when to use heated bed, temperatures for a specific material, support in models, first layers, skirts, speed, walls, cooling, bed leveling, retraction etc.

    3. If you are going to buy a DIY assembling 3D printer...
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  • daveincaol
    started a topic Cura 4.6 + 4.6.1

    Cura 4.6 + 4.6.1

    Am I missing something? I've had several attempts run the most recent Cura version. Presently I'm using Cura4.5. and a Mac with Catalina 10.15.4.

    Each attempt to install is refused and messaged to the effect that the Cura version cannot be verified because Apple is unable check for malicious software. Any advice?

    Dave B....
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  • Roger3D
    replied to Help please
    You changed your nozzle but didn't change any settings. ? 1.0 mm nozzle is pretty big do you mean 1.0? well since you changed your nozzle you also have to change your settings as it was most likely setup for 0.4 mm nozzle that is the problem. I assume your using Cura (not my choice) you need to tell it your nozzle size, filament diameter, layer height and extrusion widths or its not gonna print right. A 1 mm nozzle is very coarse a layer height of 0.5 to 0.8 would be a choice. A review of your...
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  • Lmp
    started a topic Downloaded stl file not showing up in cura

    Downloaded stl file not showing up in cura


    I'm new here and also very new to 3D printing. I just got an ender 5 and have been testing files to get affiliated with it using Cura 4.5. One of the files I'm trying to print doesn't show up when I open the file. All that shows on the bed looks like a raft and that is all, nothing else shows up. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you
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  • longbeardpolymer
    replied to Problem with print
    I got a notification that you posted something via email but I don't see it in the thread. maybe it is a glitch. you said "here is where it should be but isnt". uninstall the old version of cura. use cura 4.4 or cura 4.5. I am using 4.5. that is what you should use. if you purchased your printer new it came with 3 nozzles. look at the nozzles that are not installed on the printer. process of elimination. if you have a 0.2mm and a 0.6mm in the box then you have a 0.4mm installed on the...
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  • Thank you MadeBye!Yes, the bed and extruder heats and the axis controls function. As to reflash/reload, does reload mean to restart the printer with the sd card in place? I have never done a flash procedure, and quite frankly, one of the main reasons for going to the SKR board was that it already had a bootloader installed and I wouldn't have to flash Marlin!. Obviously I have some confusion about flashing and bootloader, just part of the many areas I have to gain education in. I will definitely...
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