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  • Carlh2018
    started a topic Noob Failings :D

    Noob Failings :D

    Hi All,

    So Ive got myself a Adimlab 3d i3 prusa, many failed prints (except for the very first one that was on the SD card! which was just a square with a hole inside) but everything else Ive tried is failing miserably.

    The adimlab comes with a glass bed, which I levelled using the paper method (I have some feeler gauges on the way from amazon but it wont be for a few days) and ended up getting PLA first layer fine then on the 2nd layer the nozzle would end up extruding...
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  • 3Dex
    replied to FolgerTech FT-5 Build Thread
    I am pleased to report that my FT-5 is now complete and working! It was an awesome moment when the printer did its first auto-home and everything went smoothly. But before that I shall summarise the finishing touches to the build.

    1. Installing the LCD screen. I did this at the end of the build (see above posts). The instructions mention using 20mm m3 bolts for the LCD screen but it really needs 25mm bolts. Luckily there are some 25mm countersunk bolts included in the kit that I think...
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  • Maker Farm Prusa i3V
    Slic3r 1.1.7
    Cura 15.02.1
    Filament ABS
    Hot end 220
    Heat Bed 100
    · Perimeter 75%
    · Infill 100
    · Top/Bottom layers 100
    Layer Height 0.2
    Perimeters 0 3
    No print cooling fan
    Model Specs Cura Slic3r
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  • My pro printer likes to gnaw my filament like a mouse.

    Hello, nice to meet you all,

    I bought a creatbot D600 last week, and I have a really hard time to make it work properly. I humbly require your help to resolve this mystery.

    -The problem : As I do with every new printer I get, I try to print the 3Dbenchy , in PLA, with a 1.75 mm filament, and a 0.4 mm nozzle.

    -The main issue is : at one moment during each print, the filament gets stuck in the nozzle, resulting in a quick underextrusion then no extrusion at...
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  • smskeeter23
    replied to help
    I'd like to start my response by asking another question... are you using Cura? I ask because I have had this problem manifest multiple times with Cura but the same file print just fine in slic3r.

    As others have said, a heated bed can make a world of difference here, as can bed leveling. Speed is also a big issue here.

    The bottom line is that part way through the nozzle is partially warping the previous line and causing it to lift slightly, curl, and deform. When the next...
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  • RichK
    started a topic skirts in Makerware 2.4?

    skirts in Makerware 2.4?

    I recently bought a CTC Bizer dual extruder printer, which is basically a clone of the Makerbot Replicator Dual. SO far I have had the best luck using an older version of Makerware (2.4.1), but I was wondering if it is possible to generate skirts with it. I see rafts as an option, but I have not had much luck with them. I have used skirts with my other printer (Mendel90) and had good luck with them, but my favorite slicer programs, Slic3r and Cura, don't generate the .X3G code format the Bizer/Makerbot...
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  • aznhlfan
    started a topic Need help with Prusa i3 MK2 prints

    Need help with Prusa i3 MK2 prints

    I am not new to 3d printing, I have had 2 Robo R1 +'s. I currently still have 1 R1+ and love how the prints come out, especially the bottoms ( nice and smooth). Maybe I am spoiled by the glass beds, but I ordered an original Prusa i3 MK2 (pre built by Prusa in hopes it would be better calibrated). That's just not the case. I have printed many test prints, of my own design ( that I know work in the R1) and from the SD card sent with the Prusha. I can not for the life of me get good prints, smooth...
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  • Olgidos
    started a topic Problem with PETG single layer shell

    Problem with PETG single layer shell

    Hello I am currently working on an high performance 1.8m rc plane. To reduce its weight i need to print it with only one outer layer and 10% infill
    I am using petg.
    as you see in the picture, there are quiet big holes in the shell after corners. And I can't deal with them. My best solution was to reduce the printing heat from 250c - 225c that solved around 60% of the holes.

    Printing settings

    Print rite diy printer
    0.4 extruder,...
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  • Admin
    started a topic 10% OFF Wiiboox ONE Pro 3D Printer

    10% OFF Wiiboox ONE Pro 3D Printer

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  • bernbout
    replied to sketchup files to cura?
    Ok. I have fixed the model and it is now manifest. Download the zip and you will find the STL and SKP (sketchup) file.!KVoXBAyA!AGg0VoqG8...p4ktnJnTAN8EsU

    Things wrong with your model:
    1. DO NOT design in inches. 3D printers need mm. The whole world uses mm, except for one country that is holding out. The model in the zip is in mm but NOT to your scal as I re modeled it. You drew the cylinder with the default 24 sides. This...
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  • Dennis
    replied to Where have i gone wrong?
    I have taken onboard all the tips and suggestions and applied them. I printed the red wheel again and it came out perfect. That was 1 of 4 needed so I went ahead and printed no.2, 75% of the way and the layers had moved. I tried the roof section again and the same thing happened. All these were after re-slicing at 85% of the original size because they were too large for my bed.

    The first thing I printed was one that arrived with the printer, a Unicorn`s head, came out ok, so I thought...
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    Last edited by Dennis; 12-31-2017, 01:00 PM.

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  • IN43
    replied to Hello

    There are few things you must know in 3D printing before you even start.

    1. Which 3D printer you need to buy?

    2. You MUST know the settings for the printer you will buy and enter them in a slicer (Cura, Sli3er etc...).
    Also know when to use heated bed, temperatures for a specific material, support in models, first layers, skirts, speed, walls, cooling, bed leveling, retraction etc.

    3. If you are going to buy a DIY assembling 3D printer...
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  • eades850
    replied to Hello everyone.
    there is a lot of in depth discussion of machine design parameters and build design ideas available at as well as on the google groups, just search "3d printers".
    As for your stepper choice you will most likely want to go with 1.8 degree step angle, which is the standard.
    Are you looking to eventually build your own specialty printer? If so, you will want to check out the designs using Open Builds extrusions.

    Regarding cooling fans, if you are printing...
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  • dmaul3300
    started a topic Review: Micro 3d printer

    Review: Micro 3d printer

    I finally received the Micro 3d printer I pledged for on Kickstarter. They have a portal which is where you can download the latest versions of software as well as a forum which has been very helpful. I was emailed a setup video, which told me how to unbox it, download the software etc. There is an internal spool holder for the filament, but they recommend using an external one. I spent about 20 minutes trying to load the filament through the internal spool holder, but had no luck. The first thing...
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  • Plastishe
    started a topic Getting Hacked Off

    Getting Hacked Off


    I'm new to the forum and 3D printing, I'm hoping someone can help me with my Z axis issue?

    I have a gantry type 3D printer obtained from half way around the world, my problems started with delivery as it was delivered damaged though, these damages have now been repaired.

    My issue is that the Z axis does not move up. I started a print from Cura, the machine appears to be working ok until it rises to about 2mm height it then just remains at that height...
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